New lockdown restrictions - your views


Lockdown restrictions

Nicola Sturgeon reiterated her 'stay at home' plea hours after mainland Scotland went back into full lockdown – and admitted she can’t be certain about when the new restrictions will be lifted

Ross Hall

How about stopping thousands of people flying in each day? Asking us to all stay home while allowing anyone to come into the country unchecked. Only had, what, 10 months to put a process in place.

David Hamilton

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People are in lockdown, yet we continue allow international travel. There were linked rises in cases during the summer from returning holidaymakers. We have a new variant from South Africa. We have football players away on a jolly to Dubai. All the above enjoy free movement to and from the UK. They aren't checked on return or forced to self-isolate, yet I'm a virtual prisoner in my own country and I have followed the rules since March!

Jim Shanley

Of course she can’t be definitive, she’s too busy telling herself how good she is. Vaccination and testing should be her priority, not the EU or independence.

Kev Heath

Well you need to be definitive! Do jobs, lives and mental health just not matter?

Sandra Aitken

Does the travel ban include that lot travelling back and forth from Glasgow to Edinburgh or is that just for the peasants?

Robbie Gullan

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Why is she not following her own advice and broadcasting from Bute Hoose?

Charlotte Malcolm

She should bid at hame. Her job could be video linked, how dare she tell us to bid at hame?

J Forbes Sneddon

The British army is the best in the world for logistics, get them involved with the roll out of the vaccination programme.

Ewen Mackenzie

So does this mean that B&M, B&Q, Homebase, Homebargains and all non-essential shops will be closed and only supermarkets will be open? I went to my local supermarket for essentials in retail park and was horrified to see it like any other weekend with queues at all shops. Just to point out I have a gift shop/food shop and have been forced to close so, why keep these four open? We can live without them for a couple months.

Mary Kay

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Why is she not working on saving the Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh? We don’t need her personal daily briefings . Someone else could do it. Reading out stats.

Angie Bennett

Maybe if people stop breaking the rules and stick to the restrictions we wouldn’t be back in lockdown.

Road gritting

Edinburgh's gritting policy is 'unfit for purpose' claim Lib Dems.

Lesley da Fonseca

I don't believe that CEC should bear the cost of providing grit or clearing pavements in all areas, apart from those such as Salvesen Gardens and sheltered housing developments.

Debbie Law

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I know that some people think everything should be handed to them on a plate, but unfortunately the country doesn't have the finances. So If we all salt outside our houses and road then we can get it cleared. Doing a bit of the road means when cars go over it they will help clear more of the area. Let's pull together and make it better for everyone.

Mark English

It’s understandable the council running behind on filling a few gritting bins. What I’m more interested to know is if they have cut back on the number the gritters put out? They did the road and the paths in our street the other day then a few hours later they had completely iced over.

David Bewsey

Sorry to hear that, but attention to road conditions at this time of year is important. I never assume a road has been totally de-iced and I don't expect the council to guarantee it either. Drivers should slow down and distance themselves in case ice has formed on the road.

David Nisbet

Grit bins empty, rubbish/recycle bins full. Can Nicola tell the council that they are essential services and do not qualify for stay at home The footpaths full of snow are now all full of ice. I nearly fell yesterday on my way to the shop for milk, an essential shopping trip. People are walking on the roads as the pavements have not been gritted and most roads have not been gritted – they are only clear due to volume of traffic, leaving the pavements still icy.

Graham Gray

Folk get salt out of the bins and spread it in piles, instead of scattering it, as if they are sowing seeds in a field. A good scatter clears a large area.