New traffic measures in Longstone are an ‘accident waiting to happen’ say concerned residents - your views


Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 7:00 am
Temporary traffic lights from 7pm to 7am at Kingsknowe Road North due to the installation/repair of traffic detection loops.

Traffic fears

New traffic measures in Longstone, including a floating parking bay that forces traffic into the middle of the road, have been decried as an ‘accident waiting to happen’ by concerned residents

Pat Adamson

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How dare the Edinburgh City Council ignore all the comments and complaints from local residents? It would be good to hear how much all of these ridiculous implementations cost. I also dread to think that someone would lose their life because an ambulance or paramedic cannot get through traffic quick enough because of all the restrictions on the road. Edinburgh Council need to think about this again!

Jayne McGill

Councillor Karen Doran says they will tweak as issues arise! So basically, let’s wait till someone is killed and they will ‘tweak’ the road layout. How utterly ridiculous!

Susanna Freedman

Why is Karen Doran still harping on about ‘notification agreed by committee’? That committee - as I understand it - is made up of only 11 councillors whipped into voting the same way and includes four Spokes members, who pushed through road changes for the benefit of cyclists without proper consultation, shamelessly taking advantage of the pandemic. This has resulted in poor design and serious errors of judgement. It’s now time for the whole council to vote. Sensible councillors who actually represent views of Edinburgh constituents. Blind denial of incompetence is something quite beyond stupidity.. individuals must be held accountable.

Rae Grant

This council has wasted precious money – our tax money – on this and to pretend they are asking opinions is a laugh. Councillors are just sitting back and letting it happen.

Gav Wright

I was in Edinburgh for the first time in months yesterday and cannot believe the mess EDC have made of the roads. What a disgrace and a danger. All the effort, money and materials should have been used to fill in the thousands of potholes not create the Waste of Spaces project.

Grant Charleston

Drove up Lanark Road today. It’s a disgrace what they have done. Dangerous. Wait till the kids start their training and playing football at the fields. An accident waiting to happen! Watch this space!

Jon Clark

What is going to happen when there’s a lane of traffic in each direction and queues on these roads that have these ridiculous measures implemented and then an emergency vehicle has to get along that road? This applies to virtually and of the roads where these ridiculous “cyclist friendly” measures have been implemented . What are the council thinking about here? This is beyond dangerous and Innocent people are going to die as emergency services will be delayed or unable to attend.

Caroline Johnston

An accident just waiting to happen at Craigleith too. In fact, everywhere.

Tony Altar

Yes, the road layout is terrible, but it's also worrying how many people can't seem to cope with a parked car in the middle of the road. I wonder what they do when there's an old person in the road? Drive up to them at speed and then swerve into the oncoming lane?

Edwin Mitchell

Should they not be consulting with the Police traffic branch? I’m sure there will be plenty of officers with concerns if it is as dangerous as people say. But that would be common sense.

Jpn Sakura

This absolutely shocking! You drive and suddenly you see some cars parked in the middle of the road! Of course endless number of potholes still there....

Jinty Robertson

About time they fixed the roads, they are a disgrace. Go to Spain – fab roads. Get a grip and get them sorted instead of trying to avoid potholes that can cause an accident.

Brydon Connolly

I'd have to agree. The road layout is a mess. There will be an accident.

John Hood

It's a dangerous shambles and needs to be reversed. I sincerely hope it does not take a fatality for the council to see the error of their ways. Those in the council who exceeded their brief for this project should be held to account.

Stephen Armit

It's a complete mess everywhere and when everything starts opening up and everybody is back to work, it's really going to start causing problems.

Atholl Cunningham

There is a high chance you will get two cars going in opposite direction going too fast, then boom! Possible an accident fatality. Madness who devised all this - AN O ther who doesn't drive or cycle.