Nicola Sturgeon proposes Indyref2 - your views online

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sets out her plans to hold indyref2 in October next year.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th June 2022, 7:00 am
Updated Sunday, 3rd July 2022, 1:16 pm
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking at a press conference in Bute House in Edinburgh at the launch of new paper on Scottish independence. Picture date: Tuesday June 14, 2022.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon speaking at a press conference in Bute House in Edinburgh at the launch of new paper on Scottish independence. Picture date: Tuesday June 14, 2022.

Lorraine Rourke

No for me hen, you can stick yer independence. Spend the money this will cost on a drug programme that will work. Worst drug abuse country in the world, but let’s go independent – really.

Thomas Imrie

Did she just forget about the billions of Covid aid over the last two years, while her own rules were an absolute shambles. Couldn’t run a school, hospital, ferry, train …….. never mind a nation.

Warren Burrows

The great word used by so many is democracy. I agree we should follow democracy to its conclusion. What then if the vote was 55 per cent Yes and 45 per cent No, an exact reversal of 2014? Surely in true democratic fashion we should have a third and final vote in 2032, or does democracy only get mentioned when the vote goes against the SNP?

Elizabeth McArthur

Scotland has paid a bigger price the day they voted her lot into power.

Karen Smith

Oh dear, what is going on? Sort out the country before even thinking about this. All that money that is going to be used for a vote that was a once in a lifetime vote. All politicians tell you what you want to hear until they get what they want and that is across the board.

Ed Bewsher

SNP have made Scotland a third world country in the last 10 years. Education- failing. Healthcare-failing. Infrastructure-failing. Crime-rising. Drug abuse-rising. Homelessness-rising. NHS waiting lists-increasing. Absurd council tax rates. Roads like downtown Basra. Gridlock across the central belt am and pm. Transport projects over budget and under spec. Tell you what…let’s give them more to control. What could go wrong?

Ross Woods

She needs to give it a rest. SNP had their once in a lifetime vote and the people spoke then. All SNP are interested in is independence,. They need to focus on actual matters going on with the country.

Bill McLaughlin

Let's make a start on being normal, do something surprising, like having a government directly responsible for everything and accountable for everything to the people who live in Scotland. It's time we joined the grown ups and became responsible adults.

Joan Guthrie

We’re big enough, rich enough and smart enough – even opponents of independence believe so. Former Prime Minister David Cameron said, “It would be wrong to suggest that Scotland could not be another such successful, independent country.” The former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson said, “Actually, I believe Scotland is big enough, rich enough and good enough to be an independent country.”

Justine Tighe

Scotland will be bankrupt if she gets her way. Many taxpayers who live in Scotland will move to another country when they see the tax raises she will need to make to try to make this work.

Bill Whyte

She needs to do her "day" job and look at what can be done to help people through the current cost of living crisis instead of wasting time and money on another referendum. Her government's track record is not good. She needs to get her priorities right.

Mary Bertram

We have just had a worldwide pandemic where we all pulled together and Nicola’s first priority is independence. Ukraine is fighting for its life. You get a life Nicola.

James Anderson

I’ve voted SNP all my life but what is Sturgeon playing at? Surely she should be dedicating more of her precious time to issues like why, in 2022,do you wait up to 22hrs for an emergency response ambulance?

Douglas Dunn

The Westminster representatives at Holyrood, seemingly wish to exercise they're democratic choice, in order to block, our democratic right, on our "Claim of Right."

Catherine Meldrum

The last time there were so many lies that people were frightened to vote for independence. Boris is all about Ukraine, yet England holds a piece of Ireland. If Scotland wants to be independent, then do something to bring industry and jobs, so Scotland is earning money. Do something about the drugs, homelessness, obesity, create a country worthy of independence.

John Hewit

Just say we DO have another Indy ref and it’s a close no vote again, what does the SNP do then? Their whole purpose is to gain independence but if we say no but still vote them in, as the alternatives are too horrible to even contemplate, what then?