Nicola Sturgeon says holidays are still on hold because international travel bans - your views online

"Can’t see international travel happening till end of the year at the earliest”

Monday, 8th March 2021, 7:00 am

Coronavirus in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon says holidays are still on hold because international travel bans are 'most important protection' against the virus

Graeme Robertson

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The scientists are perfectly aware that there are variants and the current vaccines are being modified to cope with this and future virus changes. The Moderna one has probably been so already for testing in S Africa. No doubt Covid vaccine boosters will be required every year or so - what of it - I get the flu jab every year and every year it is modified formula from the year before. This mutation mania is completely out of control.

Ellie May

There's always going to be new variants, so are we to just stay in lockdown every few months? If you had closed all borders, airports etc first time around like other countries did, maybe we wouldn't still be in this position a year later.

Kev Heath

If we can’t get back to normal once the vaccine is rolled out, then we never will.

Abdul Kadir

We can’t stop the variant, same virus just different patterns, but we hope vaccine will work for any type of variant. Life needs to move on, we need to live together with virus for a few years. But we need to be extra careful about hygiene and social distances and masks where necessary, we need our normality back as soon as possible to prevent depression, mental health problems and economic disaster. Prevention is better than cure.

Graham Mclean

if Wastemonster would play ball just once with us re the Covid situation we would be OK. But no, they have to be the imperial masters with us, they messed up big time with N Ireland on Brexit and now it’s pay back time from the Scottish people in the next election.

Jimmy Green

Any bets that the nearer we get to May elections the more we will get Covid-19 restrictions easing off and money will be found for new building?

Alan Eadie

So, what about flights from Newcastle or Manchester? The border with England cannot be closed. How does she stop that? Answer: can’t be done. Hollow leader with hollow words.

Angela Heron

In most of Europe cases are rising and they’ve only vaccinated about six per cent of their populations. Can’t see international travel happening till end of the year at the earliest.

Meghan and Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are just daring to try to live happily ever after

Jennifer Mary Forrester

If they want to live in America fine and good luck to them, but I'm so tired of hearing about them. I switch off now, can't be bothered with them now. They had a privileged life and no doubt that won’t change. People have more to worry about than them.

Ann Brown

They wanted to get away from paparazzi and publicity to lead a life together as a family. Why, then, are they doing photo shoots for Vogue, interviews with Oprah Winfrey, signing contacts with Netflix ? They made a choice and that’s fine - they need to just get on with having that quiet, private life now. They have no money worries, plenty food on the table, a mansion to live in and their children will have a comfortable, privileged upbringing. There are may families who don't have these things....... they need to stop whining and get on with the lives they have chosen. I just hope Harry is happy with the decisions he has made.

Anthony Purvis-White

I don’t get it, no one will benefit from this, it’s only going to hurt! I get Harry’s issues, he lost his mother to the media. Megan, however, just sounds bitter and has chosen to step away. Either be in and work on change or improvement over time or get out and stay out! Sensationalism, use of royal links to personal gain and inappropriate use of a media, yet criticism of the media for Diana’s death. I feel sorry for them, sorry for their frustration and anguish but it’s time to move on people. Oh and relinquish the titles, that would be the right thing!

Andrew Davidson

Well he didn't ask to be born into the royal family, but he certainly wants to hang on to his titles.

Linda Mowat

They don’t want privacy never out of the news.

Gordon Quinn

Who cares - so much going on in this world that is more important.

Anne Montecchi

And, I believe, the public is too. We are dying to put an end to this continuous televised drama of rich-plus. Enough, really, of this moaning about 'who did what', enough of this 'tell all exclusives' , always with the money of someone else. Let's come back to real, media, and forget about all these distorted tales.