Nicola Sturgeon to reveal free school breakfast and lunch plan for every primary school - your views online

"Why doesn’t she just concentrate on helping the least well off?”

Friday, 9th April 2021, 7:00 am
Children who normally get free school meals have received some help.

Free school meals

Nicola Sturgeon to reveal free school breakfast and lunch plan for every primary school

Margaret Georgeson

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Makes me wonder how we managed to feed our children years ago. Not a lot of money but they never went to school hungry. Where is this bottomless money pot coming from?

Sally McEwan

The benefits of living in a more equal society are huge. In fact, it is suggested that a lot of the social and health issues in our society eg low life expectancy, are not related to average income but to income differences. Countries with greater social equality tend to have higher levels of education, wellbeing among children, lower levels of physical ill health and mental ill health, less drug abuse, lower rates of imprisonment, less obesity, less violence, fewer teenage births. This is a small step in the right direction.

Yvonne Clark

Love to know where the money is coming from.

Lorraine Blyth

Not from the food I’ve see. I’d like a true evaluation of cost v waste. And what about Early Years? They have no choices within their menu.

Eric Morrison

More bribes. You can take all those so-called hand outs with a pinch of salt. They shouldn't have to do that if they had put the money where it was intended.

Jimmy Green

They have given enough money away, they could have built a new Eye Pavilion.

Gary Hamilton

When independent, we will all live in a free for all Scotland. Yeah, right!

Cat McCluskey

How about ploughing some money into more care for our elderly? They been left to fade away during this pandemic. A free breakfast and lunch would be a lifeline for some of them.

Karen Smart

Sorry but no! The amount of food that is thrown away already is shameful.

Angela Mcdermott

Better the SNP addressed the education system first. Am certainly not against feeding children who would otherwise go hungry, but vote buying now, that’s not attractive, Nicola. More false promises from the SNP and the endless money tree. I wonder if my garden centre sells money trees.

Shell Blair Shelley

Something else will get cut for this, something probably from disabled and elderly. We always seem to be the ones to take cuts to services and care.

Lisa Gorrian

How did she miss the pen-sioners? It’s been stated for years that the old age pension would go up if we had indy.

Sheena Laird

That will include all the middle class and wealthy parents. Absolutely shocking, why doesn’t she just concentrate on helping the least well off instead of throwing tax payers money around to buy votes?

Louise Wilson

Soon we can do away with parents too! I say that as a mother of four children. I see all the things that she will do for families with children but what will they do for childless families? How making old folk homes safe? Maybe we could spend money looking after that generation as well.

Lynne Laughlin

A lot of children will be in the poverty bracket now, if parents have lost their jobs in the pandemic or worse, if they have lost a parent, so they will need the help.

Elizabeth McArthur

Just have your kids, throw them into Holyrood and get the government to take care of them! This appears to be the road we are wandering down today Not the kind of Scotland I had envisaged - a nation dependent on the state. Is this what the SNP call prosperity?

Erin Leib

Parents already get child tax credits and child benefits, there is no excuse for not feeding your own children.

Scott Robertson

The lengths parties are going to for votes.… Were the kids not important enough before? It's astonishing the record amounts of money they all plan on spending, considering we are under the biggest debt ever.

James Melvin

This should be means tested. Waste of money yet again. Where is all this “free money” coming from?

Joe Foster

No such thing as free school meals, others will take a hit somewhere. I agree all kids should be fed in school, though, without the worry of who can afford it or not.

Seán Óg

Those criticising this policy should consider handing in your ‘moral compass’ for servicing! We are talking about feeding oor bairns. Try spending time questioning additional millions for nuclear warheads or Union Jack-covered planes.