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Hopes that Edinburgh’s historic Caledonian Brewery could continue operating have been dashed after no buyer was found – and now the landmark site could be turned into student accommodation, residential housing or even a hotel.

John Hewit: It’s a shame that nobody want to take on the brewery as a going concern but it is old and in an awkward city cenre site. Most modern breweries are in custom-built facilities in industrial estates. A smaller one might want to upscale to the Caley but it would probably need a lot of work. It’s a sad end to the last “proper” brewery in Edinburgh.

Gerry Smith: Cultural vandalism on a massive scale. This brewery is a working manifestation of our industrial past. It’s a beautiful set of Victorian brick buildings with irreplaceable brewing equipment inside. There are very few, if any, open-fired coppers left in Britain. So angry this is going to disappear.

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James Logan: Disgraceful. Where is Edinburgh’s heritage going? A brewery with Victorian buildings destroyed in the name of student housing. It should have preserved status like the Royal Mile. More glass-fronted buildings? No – save our city heritage.

Drinkers help themselves to a pint at a beer festival in the Caledonian Brewery in May 1985

Gordon James Reid: This is an absolute catastrophe.

Lisa Jane Rowan: Perhaps Edinburgh Council in its wisdom could apply the same requirements to student housing builders as normal building companies to provide a certain percentage of social housing as part of the build. The building of student houses in Edinburgh over recent years has been prolific – just imagine if they had had to provide 25 per cent social housing all the additional social housing we would have.

Elaine Hutton: You'd be shocked if you knew how bad the housing crisis is for students. There are still lots of them looking for accommodation. Last year was bad with people having to sleep on pals’ floors, or commute vast distances or sometimes just giving up and learning virtually. This year looks like it could be worse.

Ian MacLachlan: What happened in the years before the “student flats”? Were there no medical students, dental students, engineering students? Many people in Edinburgh, my folks included, rented rooms to them.

Michelle Allan: Please not student flats – the area is saturated.

Sean Wu: Edinburgh needs affordable homes. Even making it a Tesco/Morrisons is would be better than student accommodation. Come on, make Edinburgh for people from Edinburgh.

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Mandy Grant: Council or housing association accommodation is what’s needed – definitely not more student flats.

Steven Sutherland: Get out of here with the “social housing” nonsense. The vast majority of “social housing” residents bring next to no value to Edinburgh. What Edinburgh needs is premium housing aimed at the better classes. That's where the real value is.

Jeanne Cooper: Get a few of the Heriot-Watt brewing and distilling students in there. Sorted!

Jackie Wright: Why is it every time a lovely building becomes available someone says “I know what we can use it for – student flats”. Nothing else seems to come to mind.

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Tony McQue: I used to DJ at some of the beer festivals and events there before it was sold to Heineken. It could potentially make an amazing wedding or events venue if the neighbours didn’t complain about the noise again.

Sashipants Kahani: We don't need more brewers or more student accommodation.

Early election

More than half a million people have signed a petition demanding an early general election. As thing stand, the next general election won’t be held until January 2025.

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Michael Deignan: They won't call a general election because they know they will definitely lose This lot don't deserve to be in power after the chaos they have caused in the country

Mike Langan: That is around four times the amount of people who voted for her to be Prime Minister. Democracy is a funny thing.

Will Caola: Unconvincing, as opposition party supporters would always want an early election.

James Reilly: They are not quite finished running the country into the ground yet’

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