Nursery criticisim misplaced - your views online

Edinburgh nursery were 'not respectful of children's personal space', care report finds.

Ida Maspero

“Wiping children’s noses from behind and looking down the back of nappies to see if they needed changed”. Show me a nursery (or indeed a parent) that doesn't do this! I bet an unannounced visit to any nursery would reveal similar practices. My son attended this nursery, albeit he left nine years ago, and we found it to be excellent. What's more, it's a social enterprise that offers reduced rates to low-income families in a part of the city where finding affordable childcare is a real challenge. Dragging its name through the mud does no-one any good.

Rachael Anne Beuzeville

So, I expected to read with alarm things that were witnessed, hen realised it’s basically what every parent does. Wiping a child's nose from behind. Next they will be saying a baby needs warning before a bottle is presented.

Lesley Anthony

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I used to look down the back of my daughter’s nappy and wipe her nose from behind. Doesn’t seem to have traumatised her in any way. She’s 31 now and a well balanced, happy, popular woman.

Milly Ward

Glad everyone’s seeing this for what it is! My wee boy is at this nursery and he loves it. Never had a problem.

Graeme Robertson

For the love of God - what absolute nonsense.

John Mcnicoll

Think this reeks of ‘I can’t find anything wrong here so I’ll be really petty so it looks like I’m doing a good job’.

Gareth Turnbull

We used this child care provider in the past and have nothing but praise for the care they provided. I wish them all the best as they take steps to return to their excellent status.

David Monro

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I think anyone who is prepared to wipe someone else's child's nose or examine the contents of a nappy deserves a prize, whatever angle they approach it from.

Kara Noble

I’d be more worried if they weren’t wiping noses and checking nappies.

Sarah Christie

Care Inspectorate find that nursery staff are caring for the children. What a scandal!

Jenni Flynn

Sorry, what? Wiping child’s nose from behind and looking down back of nappies. What’s the issue? I’ve heard nothing but good things about this nursery and there’s no need for bashing them for things I’m almost certain the parents would be happy with the nursery doing.

Jack Whitson

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I think the word jobsworth is appropriate here. What a load of rubbish, as children don’t like getting their noses wiped so it’s easier to do from behind and looking down the back of a nappy to see what’s in it is normal.

Ash Douglas

So what do the inspectors suggest these staff do? Leave children to snotter over things so other kids touch it and possibly get infected if there’s a cold? Leave them to sit in their own filth for hours? Sounds like care was being administered to me.

Jenny Lee

Who doesn't do those things? This smacks of the "asking the childs permission to change the nappy" brigade.

Abby Bain

Imagine not asking a toddler permission to wipe their nose and just going in for the kill from behind! It’s almost like the toddler would take off faster than Usain Bolt if they knew we were coming with a tissue.

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Nothing to write, so I'll write a load of s***. . . job done, pat on the back.


The UK Government has submitted its argument in a case that could allow the Scottish Parliament to legislate for another independence referendum.

Marie-Claire Rackham-Mann

If an advisory referendum is not granted, there can be no doubts that the Union is no longer a treaty between two sovereign nations. It has all been a sham.

Stuart Robertson

What case can they have beyond simply saying "Scotland isn't a member, but a prisoner of the UK"?

Neil The Gallagher

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Imagine being a unionist after the Tory and Labour statements over the past week.

Duncan Clephane

We know that the court will say no so why are we waiting for that result ,the way things are going it would be in our interest to get this done as quickly as possible,the experts say this is the time so why are we waiting it doesn’t make sense

Lawrie Ireland

Fight among ourselves to keep the Tories in power. Good plan.