Ocean Terminal M&S to close - your views online

Ocean Terminal Marks and Spencer is to close, sparking fears over the Leith shopping centre's future

Laura Cairns

It’s a shame, the Ocean Terminal is just rubbish, no decent shops at all. They need to revamp it with some decent shops, bars, etc to bring more people back.

Tim Wight

The rack ‘em, stack ‘em and pack ‘em flat housing developments have brought an enormous number of people into the immediate vicinity. This is a shameful indictment on the OT centre management and M&S. They have a captive market on their doorstep and all the infrastructure and they have turned OT into a charity shop centre, a place where businesses go to die.

Owen Macdonald

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A shame. Apart from an over eager security bod taking an unnecessarily over zealous interest in a non-photo I took, it was pleasant enough to go to on occasion and quite handy including the M&S. Dubious food and a pricey lager with a film on a Thursday night in one's yoof was a nice distraction from career and lack of wealth accumulation.

Graham Hammell

Ocean Terminal has been dying for years. Just get it over with.

Christina Gould Croan

Such a shame. They spend millions on trams to Ocean Terminal and there is noth-ing when you get there!

Bill Close

It will get worse as more low emission areas come into effect. People won't do their weekly/monthly shop on a bicycle.

Sandra Elvin

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The place looks like a ghost town, it's awful. There's nothing there anymore, all the shops have closed. It looks like there's been an apocalypse, it's scary. Why did Ocean Terminal suffer so much more than any other shopping centre? The council decided trams were the answer, so made it impossible for anybody to be able to get into Leith!

Catherine Woodcock

M&S will lose my custom if they close at OT. The store is walking distance for me and was a quieter environment to shop during Covid lockdown. The staff are always pleasant and helpful. I find M&S larger stores noisy and crowded, so would not travel to them. This is a shortsighted decision with so much housing being built around the area.

Jennie Godfrey

How about making use of Ocean Terminal for the Gaelic HighSchool!

Mary Weir

I think you’ll find there are big plans for OT. Cala didn’t build all those homes to look into an empty shopping centre.

Arlene Hunter

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Cinema is great. Could be great again if decent shops were put in and people stopped buying online.

Amanda Glasgow

They need to sort out the stairs and lifts. You can't access most of the floors via the stairs in the blue car park and the lifts are never working properly.

Jooles Kasabian

I use the car boot sale, but have never been in the shopping centre. They should pull the place down and make affordable housing.

Craig Nelson

The irony - Edinburgh Council spends billions building a toy railway for tourists from the airport to Ocean Terminal. Ocean Terminal closes.

Freshers week

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What advice would you give to new university students arriving in Edinburgh this month?

John Hamilton

Go home and give your place to a young person from Edinburgh who got refused a place in their own city. They've studied hard all their lives and dreamt about hoping to go tniversity but got refused, so the university could make a fortune instead from someone less qualified and deserving but has money to pay the fees.

Lorraine Blyth

Learn to cook fast. Be aware that Edinburgh is probably the most expensive place to live outside London.

Graham Alexander

Get a decent apprenticeship!

Wilma Bruce

Enjoy living in Edinburgh, just remember study comes first. It is so easy to get carried away with the night life or should I say early morning night life. Good luck in your career.

Phillipa Claire Morris

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Noise travels late at night on streets with tenement buildings. You will get shouted at/reported/eye rolled if you A) Wake people up with karaoke in your flats at ridiculous hours. B) Crowd hog the Meal Deal fridge at the local Tesco/Co-op - us locals have a limited lunch break as well. C) Don't collect items for your unfurnished accommodation you ordered online. D) Burn the Meadows grass with your illegal disposable barbeques. I should write an etiquette guide.


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