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An off-road biker has been banned from driving and given a community service order after damaging a farmer’s field

The off-road bike that was found by the police on East Bank Road.
The off-road bike that was found by the police on East Bank Road.

Suzie Bowers

Give them somewhere to go and ride them. It’s a sport like football, boxing or dancing – why stop it? Jack Kane has lots of space to make a track for people to use and even charge them.

Robert Carlyle

Catch the illegal ones on bikes breaking into vans every weekend and stealing working men’s tools.

Elise Branning

Our governments clearly don’t do enough for communities – young or adult.

David Purves

Edinburgh council should buy/rent Broxburn bing. Fence it off and have carpark/facilities/toilets etc, like Drumclog in Lanarkshire. Have booking system and checks at the gate so illegal road riders can't access. One of the main problems is the lads around city don’t have access to transport. Get one of the council vans and do a bike only pick up and drop off around city. Van could do loop, Pilton, Leith, Gilmerton then Sighthill. Bikes dropped at secure bing car park ready for owners to collect and enjoy. Return journey in reverse. I'm not saying this will resolve the illegal road riders but it will definitely reduce the illegal riding while giving these guys somewhere official to ride. Drumclog does fine with limited opening days, so why not the same at bing. People would travel from all over the country to ride bings which in return will bring money and jobs to the area.

Theofilos Sidiropoulos

This is a regular phenomenon at the Sighthill park. Almost every evening motorbikers with their faces covered in black are terrorising people. I hope the police will arrest them too as sometimes we can’t sleep as they go up and down till midnight.

Rudi Bregulla

Three bikes driving up Lothian Road on to the Meadows, overtaking cars doing wheelies.

Bobby Walker

How can they get points on their licence when they have not got one?

Tom MacDonald

Police and the government need to clamp down on lawless, two-wheel, E-bikes/scooters and the newly growing number of contraptions carrying goods, foods and babies in general. It’s a free for all.

Cornelia Smith

He should be ordered to pay a fine, or if he is a minor, his family. There is no excuse for driving them. Let them insure the motorcycle so that they bear the costs in the event of an accident.

Animal cruelty

A man from the Capital has been given community services after being found guilty of beating his dog which had to be put down.

Janet Barnes Begbie

Some people should never have the privilege of owning a dog. Community Service? Really he should be jailed.

Janet Erskine

Maybe he could do community service feeding the lions in the zoo!

Kirsty Purvis

Should be banned for life! Poor dog! What a pathetic excuse for a human being! Seriously how bad does animal abuse have to be before the courts are going to start issuing a proper sentence?

Gill Thatcher

Community service, seriously? The court system has no respect for animal welfare.

Margaret Hardy

Why are these people not jailed? It would hopefully send a message to other low lives.

Pauline Downie

Community service is the easy option yet again. He should be in prison for the harm this wee dog suffered at his hands.

Mary Mcintosh

He should have been jailed and let the prisoners deal with him.

Colette Cairns

How bad does the abuse have to be for an owner to face a jail sentence and be banned from owning animals for life? She was so badly abused she had to be put down. No justice.

Susan Ferguson

Seriously? Community service for that? Just ridiculous. Should be in jail and most definitely banned for life from keeping any animals. Prosecution should appeal against sentence.

Carole Mcmullan

Jail and throw away the key. Horrible excuse for a human.

Joyce Beaton

People in the justice system make no sense to me at all. It’s brutal violent and it then continues to humans. That wee dog was petrified of him and it continued for years....brutal and shocking.

Claire Johnstone

Absolutely shocking sentence. Jail should have been only option!