Off-road motorbikes on pavements - your views online

Police confiscated off-road motorbikes from a man and a woman, who were driving them on a footpath in Edinburgh
Officers in West Lothian have received complaints about “the illegal, dangerous, anti-social use of quad bikes and off road motorbikes” in Whitburn.Officers in West Lothian have received complaints about “the illegal, dangerous, anti-social use of quad bikes and off road motorbikes” in Whitburn.
Officers in West Lothian have received complaints about “the illegal, dangerous, anti-social use of quad bikes and off road motorbikes” in Whitburn.

Ross Munro

You need to give these people somewhere to go. If you give them places to actually go, you can control what happens there better and it’s safer for everyone.

John Smith

“Not very clever or safe.” I’m sorry, but we need more robust language than this from Police Scotland. Off-road motorbikes, especially the new breed of electric motorbikes, are of serious concern to the public. Gangs are openly robbing and rampaging on Edinburgh streets with little-to-no response from ill-equipped police.

Patrick Hogg

But cycling on pavements doesn't bother the cops one iota!

Tom MacDonald

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A neighbour allowed his kids to do this with a motocross bike and a quad. To my knowledge they are still at it today with no police action.

Chris Cameron

Regularly seen in Sighthill roads and park.

David Kyle

Good - they deserve to lose them. Hopefully They will get a driving ban too.

Paul Wilson

Now mop up the clowns doing wheelies and ducking in and out of traffic with off road bikes in Duddingston, Sighthill and Niddrie.

Jenny Grosset

Don’t think these people care about whether they’re being clever or not, it doesn’t strike me that achieving a level of intelligence has ever been high on their list of priorities.

Billy Dalziel

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Try catching the three ninja neds on electric bikes wheelying up and down Princes Street every day.

Viv Atherton

Off road doesn’t mean pavements. But 10/10 for effort.

Peter Mcqueenie

What about cyclists? You just turn a blind eye to those clowns!

Mo Connolly

Still going on, though catching two is a start, I suppose. I have visions of a serious accident happening due to this.

Kelly Stewart

Between the Commie Pool and Willowbrae Road yesterday I saw three off-road bikes separately. One had someone on the back without a helmet wearing a balaclava. All three riding solo were driving fully on the wrong side of the road and doing wheelies. Some poor sod is going to end up in an accident with them and come out of it worse off than they will.

Andrew Emmerson

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Plenty are driving through the city centre doing wheelies into oncoming traffic and through red lights, but police just seem powerless or ignore it.

Anti-social behaviour

Cllr Ashley Graczyk concerned at incidents involving off-road motorbikes in Sighthill and Gorgie.

Stuart Young

The way the road surfaces are, this could well be the safest form of transport there is just now. Councillors should be working on making the roads safe for everyone to use, most aren’t even safe to walk on.

Graeme Grummy Watson

I understand there’s a problem with off road motorcycles, but have the council provided them with a safe space to use their dangerous vehicles in a safe environment? Plenty football pitches and golf courses, but no off- road spaces for young lads with off-road bikes. Give them a space to use their bikes and you won’t have a problem. Simple!

Ruairidh Hamilton

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Slightly off topic, but when these stories come up no one seems to ask how these 'youngsters' afford these bikes. Can't be cheap. I'm going to make the controversial assumption these are not well parented nor the most considerate of kids (you can see where I'm going with this). Same goes for these e-scooters riding along the pavements. Not cheap, yet it's usually the standard hoody and jogging bottom-clad operator at the helm.

John Hood

The biggest influence on children’s behaviour is their parents. Kids learn discipline, respect, what is right and wrong, in the home. If the parents aren't doing their job, the kids don't stand a chance.

William Crawford

This is an ongoing problem in every housing scheme in Edinburgh. They get away with it as there are no police patrols and if you call them you'll be lucky if they respond within five hours.

John Burleigh-Willis

Happening in Hailesland as well - my wife was threatened to be hit.

Jamie Dockerty

Police are too busy doing speed traps in Leith.

Michelle Ewing

They need to catch them before anyone gets hurt.