Only vehicles with the cleanest and most up-to-date diesel and petrol engines will be allowed into the centres of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee from next spring - your views online

"Unfortunately not everyone is on a high salary to just upgrade to a newer vehicle .”

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 7:00 am
Half of vans in Edinburgh may not be complaint with the impending city centre low emission zone. Picture: Julie Bull

Low Emission Zones

Only vehicles with the cleanest and most up-to-date diesel and petrol engines will be allowed into the centres of Glasgow, Edinburgh Aberdeen and Dundee from next spring to reduce harmful emissions.

Tom MacDonald

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Surprise, surprise….the way the councils have manoeuvred themselves to create charging scenarios is nothing short of scandalous.

Seb Blacksmith

Couldn't care less about the city centre. It isn't for the residents anyway, but the people who live on the streets on the borders of this nonsense zone who will suffer from worse air quality and some of them will die prematurely. This isn't a good solution.

John Mcnicoll

What drugs are these councillors using? Let’s ban one in five vehicles from the city centre, causing them to detour for miles to get across the city. Thousands of cars daily driving needless detours multiplying mileage congestion and pollution. They will do the same as when they banned cars from Princes Street. Look how low emissions are, but won’t say about how the surrounding area pollution is multiplied.

James Whitelaw

So only the well off can pollute our streets -war on the working class as usual. If the councils had been more traffic flow minded we wouldn’t need this at all. Incompetent, narrow-minded bullies.

Diarmid Martin

Again, this will do nothing to reduce emissions for the majority of residents or for the many emissions black spots in the city.

Darren Wilson

Perhaps the council need to look past the end of their noses. What, with ridiculous Spaces for People and bikes and continuously digging up the city, nobody will want to bother with Edinburgh. And can someone shed some light on what they are doing to The Bridges? It’s been going on for two years and little sign of progress.

Pauline Weddell

Yeah, just push all the cars that don’t fit the bill onto an already crammed city bypass and cause more congestion and let’s see the impact on the environment.

Jon Clark

The council could not care less about pollution or your safety or the air you breathe. It’s all just window dressing. This is purely about raising more money to fund their every growing squandering and wasteful habits.

Iain Ross

It’s just a revenue generation scheme that’ll have minimal impact on the environment and hit those who can’t afford newer cars.

John Robert O'Hara

So they are gonna stop every car and pop the hood to check how clear our engines are. Madness.

Stuart Robertson

Another big spend by government coming up - all council and emergency services vehicles will need replaced, of course.

Gail McAulay

Buy a diesel they said…..

Derry Delboy Livingstone

That will be great. Let’s see how shops and businesses with no stock continue to run.

Albert Crutcher

Only people with government jobs and high wages to be permitted on the street in the Morningside. All Edinburgh folks are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Ian Black

It’s just another council scam. Watch this space - they will start extending them every year.

Cahz Shearer

Wasn't there a vote on this years ago?

Henry Campbell Gillan

The main point in creating these zones is to bring in number plate recognition. This paves the way for road pricing. This is happening in other cities too. As for the emissions bit, relatively few cars will fall into the banned category. It is all to discourage car use. Judging by the climatic disasters of the last few years and even at the moment a killer heatwave hitting north west America and Canada, is this such a bad thing? This is not all about Edinburgh.

Frank Mckay

Pollution? What about traffic jams all over Edinburgh caused by Spaces for People?

Ken Johnston

Yet the biggest selling vehicle in the USA is a gas guzzling five litre pickup truck. Whatever the UK does is a drop in the ocean compared with America’s lack of intent.

Scott George

What about the buses? The fumes the buses kick out are worse than any car. Union Street in Glasgow is all bus smog every day.

Sully Mirza

Iv got a 2013 Golf that pays zero road tax but doesn’t meet LEZ requirements and my work van has a 2013 plate. Unfortunately not everyone is on a high salary to just upgrade .