Over-70s could be banned from night driving under possible new DVLA plans- your views online

"Are they trying to take away their freedom? They may as well just lock them up”

Saturday, 3rd April 2021, 7:00 am

Older drivers

Over-70s could be banned from night driving under possible new DVLA plans

Tracie Downs

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If there's a medical reason I would support this, but they have my age group working until 68, so we only get two years to have our road trips in our retirement.

Emma Everest

Are they trying to take away their freedom? They may as well just lock them up. This is a disgrace. I can understand for medical reasons, or make them take the test again, but to dictate that they can only go so many miles - talk about a police state.

John Swaney

Discrimination on the grounds of age....could be open to challenge in the courts if it became legislation.

Doreen Graham

Great. You get three years of freedom after you retire at 67 then another type of lockdown and then you die. It really isn't on.

Jacqui Hood

You can’t judge a book by its cover, therefore you can’t judge pensioners as a group. We are all different, some more capable than others. I go to evening gym classes (when open) and have to drive there even in winter. My daughter lives on other side of the city and as she works the only time I can see her is usually a Sunday. Which means in winter I am driving home when dark. I would have to take two buses and a fair walk when I get off and walk alone in the dark. Don’t know the clown is who thought this up but suggest they reconsider this stupid idea.

Elizabeth Summerfield

Something occurs to me. A driving licence is one of the acceptable photo idents. This could mean that people who don't have passports would be in trouble.

Elizabeth Thomson

“Anyone over the age of 70 with a health condition which impacts their driving, such as diabetes, Parkinson’s or epilepsy, will be able to register for a ‘graduate driving license’.” Yet people are having to work to near enough that age to get a pension? Not fit enough to drive but fit enough to have to keep working for a living?

Jane Bowie

Not necessary, most are in good health and very active. It would be a social disaster to deprive them of their freedom.

Tracey Regan

There’s more accidents happen with young drivers than old. Britain is turning into a nanny society.

Jacqueline Marshall

Good grief, dreadful idea. There are existing restrictions for certain eye and health conditions regardless of age. I once asked a policeman, in a classroom situation (he was giving a talk on safe driving to 17-year-olds), what age he was referring to when he spoke of "elderly" drivers - 50 and over, he replied! So all those almost or already 50-year-olds who think its a good proposal, ponder on the thought that they are classed as elderly!

Andrew Robertson

And what has been the accident rate of the over 70s driving with existing medical conditions? Let's see the evidence for this move. If you are under 55 at present, the chances are you will still be considered able to work at that age.

Nicole Williams

Thank God my parents live in the States. My father is 85 and drives 10 hours semi- annually (and he has a sparkling driving record). It’s one thing to re-test people and quite another to forbid people over a certain age to drive.

Amanda Roy

This is ageist and wrong! Many senior citizens are perfectly good, safe drivers and know their limitations. My godmother is 82 and really only uses her car for shopping, church and short local journeys, she doesn’t feel confident driving at night. My dad was a good driver right up to his early 80s and occasionally did longer trips to visit friends. Public transport links need to improve a lot before people of all ages use cars less.

Yvonne Rankin

Completely disagree with this, each person should be judged on their merit not their age.

Edna Lees

They make you work until 66 at the moment, then it will be 67, lots of people work after 70 of their own choice and also voluntary work. But you won’t be allowed to drive in the hours of darkness! They are always trying to chip away at our human rights.

Claire Stewart

Can't put everyone in a single bracket like this. Whatever happened to diversity,individuality and inclusion?

Mani Tufail

There's many people that don't have anyone to drive them. Hope they're providing drivers for them in that case.

Rita Brett

I just turned 69, I feel I could drive well into my 80s. I still have good reflexes, better than some younger ones - some can’t even read the road.