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Rising energy bills could lead to ‘eat or heat’ dilema for households

Monday, 10th January 2022, 7:00 am
Rising energy bills – together with increases in many other household costs – will leave many families significantl worse off in what has been described as the ‘Year of the Squeeze’.

Ggavin Mmarkham

Now, 98 per cent of Scottish electricity is generated by renewables, yet our bills are going through the roof. The only reason – another country takes our electricity and Scotland receives no payment like other countries do. In fact, scotland pays to supply them. No other country in the world would put up with this.

Ally Middleton

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Here's a wild idea - remove all green levies from energy bills. This would reduce heating bills by 25 per cent overnight. Quite certain if you put it to a vote the vast majority would agree with this.

Carolyn Fielding

Boris and his cronies won't have to worry about heating their homes or feeding their families. It will be back to putting coats on top of beds as the working class won't be able to keep heating on through the night!

Alex Monaghan

Scotland has been promised energy security along with more competitively priced fuel by the SNP. False promises? We need a removal of the standing charge and any green charge immediately.

Kelly McGill

A little taste of independence.

Ian Vandepeear

We need to open up our gas field so that we are not at the mercy of Russian prices!

James Crawley

A Westminster government intent on not helping its people and opportunistic supermarkets who would have made vast profits over the pandemic stealthily raising prices on essentials won’t help either.

Jamie Headspeath

My energy provider tried to put my price up (granted from my fixed tariff to a variable) by 133 per cent. Managed to talk to them and reduce it to about an increase of 50 per cent.

Ian Simpson

The knock-on impact on every business, shop, factory etc will be enormous. Heating, lighting, cooking bills will soar, but that's the reality. And look at the cost of keeping all these vast empty office blocks over the last year - security, fire detection, insurance, heating etc,

Davie Chalmers

Many folk have been instructed to work from home, increasing the need to work in a heated/ambient temperature. Currently those that do get around £320 a year back from HMRC. With the current headlines and government knowledge on energy costs, will they see fit to raise that allowance for every person told to work from home?

Toxic council

Edinburgh council is 'absolutely toxic atmosphere' says departing Tory councillor

Eleanor Ferguson

I find Tory policies toxic and completely at odds with my values, so I imagine it would be hard to work with someone whose party has not been elected in Scotland since the 1950s but who still have imposed policies that have been so disastrous for Scotland.

Edward Peters

Regardless of your political opinion CEC has been toxic for decades.

Christine Carr

I think with Parliament politics you vote for the party, but for council politics you vote for the person. If we don’t do this in May, we will end up where we are now.

Louie Karen Wakeley

It won't be now a Tory has left.

Johanna Winter

Says a Tory whose party has damaged the whole of the UK for over a decade.

Eric Christison

Next May, can we just vote in a council that's a) competent and b) runs Edinburgh for the benefit of its residents? This is about competent governance, not flag waving.

Mike Wallace

It's the Tories’ favourite word right now. What I'm hearing is 'Tory who knows he's going to lose in May calls #snpbad'

John Keating

Is anyone really surprised? They pay lipservice to “independent surveys” but take not a blind bit of notice of residents’ wishes. Look at the recent report on whistleblowing. A beautiful city being ruined by pandering to minorities.

Steve Lee

There's no question that the current administration is the most inept that it's ever been. They're not remotely interested in what the public actually think, they're just interested in rail-roading through their own half-baked ideas - the trams and the shambolic Spaces For People project, for example.

Patricia Anderson

I'm sure it will be more pleasant now that he has gone.

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