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Motorists will have to pay to charge electric vehicles in Edinburgh from May 1

Jacqueline Bell

East Lothian have been charging for a while. Electric car users already pay into the card schemes for the charger network. East Lothian hasn't put the money raised into the infrastructure, just as the beach parking charges are not going into coastal infrastructure improvement.

Steven Robertson

Makes sense to charge, as everyone else is having to pay for petrol and diesel.

Mark Welsh

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Need to follow Norway’s example. No VAT on new electric cars, no road tax, free parking in city centres and right to use the bus lane. No way Westminister will bring this in. Another reason for indy.

Lorraine Blyth

Why have they not been paying from the beginning? Yeah, yeah, eco friendly, better for the environment and all that, but electricity, like petrol, diesel and domestic gas and electricity is the most expensive it’s ever been for everyiody. Yet those with enough income to buy or lease expensive new electric or hybrid vehicles have been able to get their “fuel” free!

Graeme Robertson

Excellent - if you have a spare £30k or so to stump up for an electric car then you will be fine. All being done for your ordinary working man of course!

Tracie McCubbin

Should have to pay anyway, we dont get free fuel.

Scott Brown

Er, where are the charge points? Edinburgh has a huge nos of flats and tenements where there are multiple cars charge points, though.

Paul Fowler

I will stick with my big diesel engine.

Chris Whigham

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Let's face it, they are not bikes so it makes sense for them to be on the council's money making hit list.

John Davies

Quite right too! I have to pay for fuel for my car!

Tom MacDonald

I did an EV training course last week in the Midlands. These so called future cars pose risks of

fires and disposal of batteries. I wonder when Panorama are going to review and reveal the realities.

Martyn Armstrong

Enjoyed the free lecky while it was there. All the electric drivers knew this was coming soon, especially with other councils already charging.

Kristine Robinson

Put into the infrastructure? Aye, sure they will.

Leith Walk

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"It should be a national disgrace what they are doing on this road" says cyclist

Ian McWilliam

Patsie Harvie designed it during lockdown after a night out with his sidekick Lorna Slater.

Stuart Young

“Keep cars off the roads”. The roads are for cars, they are the main thing that uses them and what funds their existence, without cars funding roads bicycles would have nothing to use. Oh and get this one - “pedestrians, they use the footpath and cross with the green man”. Idiots are always trying to reinvent the wheel.

Sarah Clark

It’s nice to hear a cyclist say it’s not working and he appreciates the problems for everyone.

Paul Slater

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Disgrace what the council has done to Leith. They should be jailed for vandalism and held responsible for their actions.

Arran Ross

Tavish Scott was actually the guy who steered the tram act through during the Labour administration - which estimated the cost of £498 million at the time - any shortfall to be raised by congestion charges.

Raymond Rose

Never see a job half done. Trams... bring ‘em on!

James Spears

SNP out of control, spending our money, then telling us we don’t have enough - ferry boats, trams. Where has all the money gone?

Laurence White

We must vote this SNP/Labour joke council out in May. They have to go so we can get our city back.

Gordon Livingstone

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Is it another Edinburgh Council debacle? It appears they certainly have the leadership to grasp defeat from the jaws of success and poor planning.

Peter Anderson

The place has been a building site for years an absolute disgrace .

Riley Alexander Gary

just have patience and persevere.

Laird Ronald Simpson

Are you surprised? Really? It’s the Edinburgh clowcil’s idea of course…

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