Pedestrian crossing installation delays - your views online

A total of 95 pedestrian crossings are waiting to be installed in Edinburgh after being approved by the council – and it could be nearly a decade before some of them materialise

Kirsty Watt

I’d like the council to stop using the type of crossing in the picture as my daughter with complex needs and no sense of danger will just cross the road as she doesn’t see the “walk/don’t walk” sign. Please only install the ones with the high level indicators as she can see these, as can everyone else!

Julie Fraser

Already been waiting over five years for a crossing outside Echline primary school. They even recently removed railings and bollards, now our kids can run straight out the school gates on to a busy road. Just one car has mounted the kerb so far!

Bruce Royan

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What about the suggestion of just painting the crossing stripes and not installing the lights? Apparently, motorists honour these (stop when there’s someone waiting to cross) almost as much as when there are Belisha beacons. And much cheaper and quicker to install.

Paul Burgess

Maybe if North Bridge had been properly inspected and maintained there would be millions extra in the transport budget to install more crossings.

William Kay

I bet the avid motorists will be frothing at the mouth at the thought of even more of them. Personally I wish there were just one type of crossing and not all these varied types. I notice people still walk out against the red man, perhaps imagining they have right of way. Well folks ye dinnae. Red for you means stay on the pavement.

Dale Cameron

Can we no just dig tunnels under the roads?

Robert Harper

That's one every two weeks. If completed in a year. Is there only one installation team in the whole of a capital city? Roads and pavements are being dug up every day. Get your act together join your resources and time, become efficient and get things done.

Schools strike

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Staff in schools and nurseries across Scotland will walk out next month amid an ongoing dispute over pay

Doreen Shields

I hope this includes a pay rise for teaching and support assistants too.

Nicolle Gall

What about the children, h they not missed enough schooling? Are children not going to suffer because of this ? I praise the teachers, I could not do what they do, but children are already so behind they are already suffering from depression anxiety and for some, school is a safe haven. Please think about the children.

Poly Hanczak

Quite right! Give them appropriate pay.

Lynn Watson

I think everyone in all areas are going to go on strike. Everyone deserves a pay rise.

Paul Mc Dougall

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All because the powers that be refuse to clamp down on the energy companies. It's going to be a different sector every week.

Paul Inglis

"School and nursery staff in nine Scottish council areas are to go on strike for three days next month in a row over pay, it has been confirmed. Unison said its members would strike on 6, 7 and 8 of September after talks with council body Cosla failed to reach an agreement. It will see schools, early years centres and nurseries disrupted in Aberdeenshire, Clackmannanshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, Inverclyde, Orkney, North Lanarkshire, Stirling and South Lanarkshire." COSLA again eh? And it would appear that the majority of the top jobs in COSLA are all taken by the SNP.

Kris Harris

The whole workforce should strike everywhere.

John McRae

Whilst this strike is happening perhaps the parent(s) could teach their children decent manners and respect, especially when using the bus!

Danny Dickson

And so they should. Maybe if MPs led by example and work for the same money.

Next Bond

Who do you think the next James Bond should be?

Tony Ward

Eddie Izzard.

Joanne Halliday

Cillian Murphy.

Debbie Kelly

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Personally I hated Daniel Craig as Bond! Never saw what the fuss was about.

Trevor Brown

Nobody! There’ll never be another Sean Connery.

Dave Highley

Rylan Clark.


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