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Fireworks can be very scary for pets (photo: Adobe)Fireworks can be very scary for pets (photo: Adobe)
Fireworks can be very scary for pets (photo: Adobe)
With Bonfire Night looming, we asked readers if fireworks should be banned due to the distress they cause to pets.

Paula Davitt

I’m all for a ban. I had to buy medication from the vet for my dog as he got so distressed. Plus they now go off for days before and after 5 November. It’s not just domestic pets that need thinking about, it’s also wildlife. But the biggest factor for me is people who have sensory issues. It’s about time that fireworks were for organised events only.

Lee-Anne Munro

I've got an anxious, reactive, very scared rescue pup. Last night was distressing for him with sporadic fireworks. But no I wouldn’t choose to ban them, or limit to silent ones or limit to organised events. Settle down- fireworks are here they'll be going off for the next month, so best putting this wasted energy calling for a ban into something valuable like research how to settle yourself/family/pets because there's no immediate change coming.

Suzy Bacchini Gow

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Ban the sale to the public but keep official fireworks displays. That way people with pets can plan ahead and be prepared.

Peter Wilson

What is it about Britain that we annually celebrate a man who only had one simple task to carry out and botched it completely? Next thing you know we’ll be doing the same for another complete failure at Westminster – Boris Johnson.

Linda Wilson

It's not all about animals. There are people also who get distressed. My grandson has autism and hates the noise – he is noise sensitive.

Sarahjane Wood

How about people who get pets do their homework, recognise this as an issue and train their pets not to be noise sensitive? You can download free audio to do this from many of the main charities, the Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home among them. There is also the option of noise-free fireworks.

Elaine Miller

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Why don't they just do what Italy do and have silent fireworks? Best of both worlds. Its not all about animals with the explosions. It affects people too. Also you can’t "train” wildlife to not panic, run and die.

Nicola Gaff

I’m all for a ban. It’s not only pets that suffer. Vulnerable adults, the neurodiverse and a lot of people in between! All good if you have a pet from day one, but when it comes to rescues etc it’s more complex. Fireworks are outdated and getting louder and more destructive.

Fiona Kerr

Why should fireworks be stopped? Just as many people enjoy them as don’t.

Jimmy Dobson

For many centuries we have had celebrations on 5 November including bonfires, “Guys” and private fireworks. Yes we know animals can be upset, I have always had dogs in my life, and make sure that they always have a safe and comfortable environment on 5 November – it’s common sense. As for fellow humans, I’m sure a set of bluetooth headphones with sound from a relevant source will suffice. There are always ways to alleviate something like this, but sometimes people are blind to the alternatives.

Lousie Carey

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I am a dog owner to four beautiful collies. This year I will be socialising my youngest pup with fireworks. I did exactly the same with my other three and they now watch them from the window or the garden, it’s up to them. Thunder can have the same affect but we can't ban that.

Murray Earle

Fireworks have been happening for many years before anyone acquired their pet. It’s like buying a flat above a pub and then complaining about the noise.

Rena Walters

I’d rather pay to see a display than a small fortune for something that’s gone in just a few minutes. It’s not just animals that get distressed at the constant bangs.

Budget delay

John Swinney has announced a delay to Holyrood’s “emergency” budget review for at least another week until after the UK Government’s planned Halloween fiscal statement.

George Newlands

We have to wait to see what’s going to happen down south.

Mike Gourlay

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For anyone who doesn't think this makes perfect sense considering, can you think? Or are you just acting on whatever gut instinct you have in that moment?

Ian Pettigrew

I thought they wanted to stand on their own and not be led by Westminster.

Ricky Pearson

We do, but we're not independent yet and they control the budget.

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