Pilrig Motors garage closure- your views online

Edinburgh's Pilrig Motors shop to close after 88 years in business - with tramworks said to be the main cause

Neil Ross

It was a great shop back in the 70s. We used to get paraffin at that shop for our heaters, long before central heating.

Sandra Stewart

I remember passing here as a bairn and there was always a dog akip in the windae. Trams have been the death knell for many businesses in Leith Walk. Remember Snail Mail card shop?

Rena Craig

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The trams have affected so many businesses and put them out of business. Don’t forget this is the second phase and these businesses have struggled so much.

Catherine White

Closure of businesses for the trams. Just dreadful. The council have a lot to answer for.

Megan Elizabeth

That’s a shame. After being fed an absolute pile of nonsense by the VW garage, these guys sorted me out for a £21 fee (VW quoted me 10x that), and were just nice and down to earth. Hope it wasn’t the tram works that led to closure.

William Faulkner

That was a great shop, l used it many time for spare parts. Got my first socket set there.

Mike Walker

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Sad news. I used to knoi the father, and brothers Peter, Alistair and Douglas Banks who started running the business when their father retired.

Gurmit Singh Bhai

A great loss. Used to use them regularly. They were very helpful.

Liam Paterson

Used to go in there quite a bit and there was always a vintage Norton motorcycle next to the counter which was raced by the original owner, as far as I can remember.

Scott Fairbairn

Great garage, great guys.

Ian Dino Jardine

So sad, what a really handy store for things like starter brushes alt brushes etc. Damn trams!

Linda Small

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Aw, shame. My dad was pals with Dougie, helped with bits n pieces with my car.

Michael Love

Another fantastic impact of the trams.

Henry Campbell Gillan

A business that now been overtaken by changes in motoring. Its market was taken years ago by Halfords and the internet. The cars of today need far less maintenance, even more so with an increasing number of electric vehicles. It is surprising that is has lasted as long.

Robert Bishop

I have knows the boys for more than 30 years and done lots of work for them over the years. They will be very much missed. How many shops need to close before the council step in?

Arthur Sime

One of the best shops in Edinburgh. Brilliant guys, always helped you out.

Duncan Dunky Boy Innes

Yep, in there many times, good guys.

Wills Tunes Muso

Oh the joys of a 21st century Leith Walk!

Newhaven link

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Edinburgh tram extension 'on track' to open on time, says council, despite claims of delays

James Owen Jenkinson

Why is it no one taking responsibility for the absolute shambles? They take the salary but when it screwed up it’s always someone else's job. Someone must have signed the contract so let's be having who it was. We deserve to know who should not be in the job,

David Rebus

Surely this has to be a world record! Sixteen years to complete a single line at the cost of £2billion. That’s an amazing feat - bravo!

Tony Foley

The whole project has been one big farce from day one.

Henry Campbell Gillan

The opening of the line and the completion of ancillary works are very different. The present contract for the line is very close to to being on budget and within the allocated time. The original contract was a complete shambles and is best consigned to history and bad experience. Once the line is up and running Leithers will wonder just how they managed so long without it.

Alex Weir

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If it’s ‘on time’, why the reluctance to state a definite opening date?

Jaime Neal

It’s very clear that it is delayed. You just need to look at the state of Ocean Terminal.

Allan C Lloyds

Just wait till everyone finds out how much they need to pay for licences for any work that involves ladders or scaffolding close to the route. Cleaning your gutters is about to get £625 more expensive.

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