Plans for yet more student accommodation on Edinburgh’s London Road could see the demolition of the former Jock’s Lodge pub - your views


Student accommodation

Plans for yet more student accommodation on Edinburgh’s London Road could see the demolition of the former Jock’s Lodge pub

Joe Traynor

This council need to get their act together. We don’t need student accommodation, we need more for the homeless or the people the council have put in temporary accommodation. I know of six council houses empty near me and at least four of them have been empty for over a year.

Mhairi McGaw

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More student housing! As if we need that. Normal working people can’t get a home and there are so many homeless on the street. I think it's time social housing was made more of a priority than student accommodation or hotels for that matter.

Mark Fairbairn

Here is a right mental thought – maybe ask the people who live in the city what's needed. It's not death trap bus stops or trams or more student housing. Just fix the roads we’ve already got (but no aw at once) and build houses that normal folk can afford. If a student rents it fine but a normal working person should also be in with a chance.

Claire Wallace

How much more student accommodation do we need? There are people screaming out for council houses, but instead they are building student flats.

Paul Goodwin

Privately owned land. Owners decide what to build - not the council. Lots of great ideas on here that I agree would be better than student accommodation are being suggested by folk who seem to think the council owns this land.

Elaine Miller

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Edinburgh is overrun with student accommodation. We don’t need any more. The council need to get a grip in controlling it and build homes for those on their waiting lists, the needy and ex-servicemen.

Becky Summers

Do the council not realise there is too much student accommodation? We need more social housing for families that actually need a bigger house. The council don’t care about what they are doing to this city, clearly.

Stacay-ann McFie

The students already in Edinburgh don't even live in the student accommodation available because its unaffordable to them. They lease flats and houses with their friends, so making even less accommodation available for residents working and living here. So why build more when you can't even fill what you already have?

Angela Cairns

Why is there student accommodation all over Edinburgh? You only need to look at Fountainbridge to see more social housing is needed.

Kelly Willis

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Most people struggle to just get housing in Edinburgh if you aren’t a student (£700 a month for a one-bed flat). It's driving everyone else out as it’s not financially viable to live here, and getting a house you are up against 100-plus people who also applied.

Frances Petrie-Hay

This will end badly like it did in Cardiff. They built and built student accommodation and have been demolishing them for the last few years. They cannot be repurposed because of the way they are built and who wants a flat with one large open-plan public space including kitchen and six en suite bedrooms? They were abandoned and the council were left to pick up the pieces.

Claire AA Eadie

A lot of the housing stock in the city centre is occupied by students. However, if they move into the student accommodation it just means landlords will turn them into short term lets instead of helping people get decent housing to live in.

Paul Gillie

Why? The people who permanently live and work in Edinburgh are struggling to find accommodation and are moving outwith the city just to find a home. The council don't have enough housing to go round because they aren't allowed to build new homes, thanks to Thatcher. How many student places are there in the universities and colleges for students? Less than the amount of housing for them, I bet. Why can’t these houses be used by the people who live, work and spend their hard-earned money in the city all year round?

Lorna Allan

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Isn’t there a block of student flats going in just along the road from there too?

Peter Keenan

Cannot be allowed to happen. Enough is enough. Time to get rid and take back the city for its residents rather than tourists and students!

Colin Dodds

I guess the plan is that these student accommodation ventures will fail because of over demand, then the buildings will be converted to flats.

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