Planter plonked in the middle of road junction by Edinburgh City Council - your views online

"My first thought on seeing this was ‘couple of blokes on the way home from the pub, having a laugh’.”

Saturday, 1st May 2021, 7:00 am
Planter that's been plonked.

Planter plonked

A resident of the nearby Baberton Mains Drive has said an “accident is waiting to happen” after Edinburgh City Council plonked a planter in the middle of a road junction

Yvonne Bridget Orourke

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It’s very dangerous, no reflective markings either for when it's dark! Accident waiting to happen!

Graham Mitchell

If Joe Public was to place a skip on the same section of road they would have to meet certain conditions. This is exactly the same as a skip and could cause an accident.

Ian Suggitt

As my mother used to say, they haven't got the brains they were born with.

Chris Waugh

I would be getting a bunch of neighbours together and moving it ourselves!

Ricardo Alves

Where’s accessibility here? The lowered kerb seems to be blocked to go in a straight line, forcing wheelchairs or children to go around via the main road. Seems bonkers to not think about it right.

James Thomson

Definitely a disaster waiting to happen. It’s obstructing the road without a lawful reason, which is a crime.

Steven McIntosh

Exact same big planters outside Brunstane Primary School yesterday at Magdalene. I’m assuming they have closed the road, unless it was just temporary, as there was also road works going on.

Natalia Sokolova

Same in Prestonfield, two huge planters which look out of place and are not marked, not even with a high visibility sticker.

Stephen Ellis

I think it was planks that planted the planter there.

Robert McVey

I know the junction, it’s the only access to the school. Fairly sure deliveries, ie lorries, and not to mention “the school run” have to go up and down the road. Good luck with that!

Pamela Boyle

Exactly the same at Wester Broom. Reduces access in emergencies.

William Henderson

My first thought on seeing this was “couple of blokes on the way home from the pub, having a laugh”. Then I saw the council did it! Idiotic.

Gordon Gillies

This is getting worse each day. Edinburgh council have completely list the plot and think they have free rein to do what ever they wish, without informing the Edinburgh public first of proposals for majority feedback to realistically assess first before any work is conducted.

Kamila Maximilian

The same ones were put beside Brunstane primary and are causing more trouble then it’s worth. Far too dangerous, with cars deciding to drive through path/grass, then smaller street. It got dangerously busy for elderly and kids. Those "planters" shouldn't be allowed there

Gayle Cairns

They've also been put near Carrick Knowe Primary and Gylemuir Primary where the temporary road closed signs were.

Mac Mackenzie

No doubt implemented under the wonderful Covid legislation because they knew that there would be no support for such nonsense.

Roy Lockie

Traffic police should have a look at this. l’m pretty sure it is an offence to leave something like this in a ridiculous position.

Kevin Willis

A plonker has plonked a planter in the middle of a road causing an obstruction. Both the planter and the plonker should be removed.

Martin Clubber Laing

It’s the City of Edinburgh Council for you. Do as they please, but let's mess up the city good and proper and cause as much upheaval as possible, but accept NO responsibility.

Janice Nichols

They have dumped four outside Sciennes school, completely blocking the road. No emergency vehicle access.

Chris Mark

Parents at the school have been asked countless times (due to complaints by local residents) not to clog up this narrow road with the school drop off for the kids’ safety, but it has been ignored so the council have had to resort to this. There should be signage but otherwise I’m all for it.

Ann McCulloch

I thought it was a 'Candid camera’ plot. Witnessed several near misses as it restricts passing on the main road, which is also a bus route. There is no warning of it and I’m sure it must be a night time hazard too! Ludicrous!

Alessandra Serafini

Must be the same genius who redesigned the road layout in the Braids area.

Jason Wood Alt

The council are just wasting money. Someone needs to be accountable.