Police disperse hundreds of partying youths from the Meadows leaving  the city green space in a terrible state- your views online

"If I knew my child was at the Meadows I would be marching them down to clean it up”

Tuesday, 23rd March 2021, 7:00 am
Hundreds of youths partying on the Meadows last night left the park covered in litter.

Meadows mayhem

Police disperse hundreds of partying youths from the Meadows leaving the city green space in a terrible state

Harriet Crawford

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This morning Husband and dog found up to 8 glass bottles buried upright in the Meadows. Once they'd inevitably been broken, the damage inflicted on, say, a footballers knee, children falling on to one or dog paws is horrific.

Thomas Forestier

Sick of this selfishness. Not only happening on the Meadows. How many times I’ve seen people throwing empty bottles in the bushes/backyards because they’re too lazy to move to the next available bin! Then their kids will probably do the same.

Gemma MacFadyen

Impose a curfew on them or send them to the army. They’ve proven they cannot be trusted to be responsible. If I knew my child was at the Meadows I would be marching them down to clean it up and they would be getting grounded for six weeks.

Darren Greenidge

I walked through there taking a shortcut to my destination and couldn't believe the number of people there. It wasn't even a warm day. I saw seven police vans, loaded with police who were doing the rounds in the park. Even before I entered the Meadows, it was heaving from Greyfriars up.

Margaret Ferguson Burns

Not everyone cares about climate change or keeping our environment pleasant to use - nor is it limited to any particular generation.

Patrick Roberts

Far too much packaging in today's consumer society and not enough of it is able to be recycled. Unfortunately we live in a 'throw away' culture and the Scottish government must engage with manufacturers to eliminate it. The planet is getting clogged with refuse and it has to be addressed.

Emily Keenan Smith

They don’t even have the decency to take their litter home. Like a plague of locusts they come and destroy.

Lynn Brown

What is wrong with people? Regardless of their age, just tidy up before you leave. If it was your garden would you leave all the rubbish lying about? I don't think so.

Stuart McMillan

In their defence, they were chased away, which means they didn’t have the chance to clean up after themselves, which they may/may not have fully intended to do.

Fiona A Sampson

Well if there is another lockdown because of this I will be ignoring it. Why should I be punished at nearly 77 when I can't hug my family and grandchildren?

Grace Scott

Still distancing? Know they're young but at this rate I'm not being allowed out until I'm 70 years old. Come on guys, let's get this over so we can have a summer.

Jbrown JB

Selfish ejeets, the lot of them, absolutely devoid of respect for NHS staff and for those of us who have adhered to regulations. Hefty fines are necessary.

David Barr

Aye, all’s well, what’s the problem? I know someone who lives locally and their street is being turned into an open toilet. Lovely.

Rosie Reid

I have an 18 and 21-year-old. I have never been more proud of them. Parties, gatherings? No. They have abided by the rules for one whole year. We are all sick to the back teeth of this. It all hinges on the parents. Plenty of numpties in Edinburgh/Lothians. Just saying.

Old brew

'Old and unimproved' 1901 IRN-BRU recipe returns to shelves across Scotland permanently

Peter Dickson

Clearly the "relaunched" recipe that everyone claims to hate was just a marketing ploy to whip up demand for the old recipe that they can put into some fancy new packaging at a higher price and reap the rewards. What a load of mugs we are!

Charli Harding

Incredible news! I’m moving back.

Sandra Hill Henderson

I don't like it, it's horrible.

Gary Mckenzie

Is it still double the price.

Lioslaith Rose

Sugar tax wouldn't have helped.

Kris Reilly

Giving the people what they want in these times. Need to be fast, will be harder to find a shop with it than a PlayStation5 for awhile.

Gavin Mannarn

Send some of it across to Australia instead of this unleaded crap we get here.

Ryan Hamburgh

Irn Bru Xtra still beats it.

The Landlord

Aye but shops ripping people aff £3 a bottle you’ll no see they prices doon ma boozer.