Police injured as violence breaks out on the Meadows - your views online

"What are people thinking these days to put so many lives at risk?”

Tuesday, 6th April 2021, 7:00 am

Meadows disorder

Police officer in hospital with facial injuries after breaking up fights in Edinburgh beauty spot

Gill Deacon

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Utterly disgusting, the youth of today, I know what I would do with them all. The poor police officers having to deal with this, thoughts go out the officer that was hurt. Hope the parents of these animals are proud.

Sharon Longhurst

This is happening all over the UK. Something seriously needs to be done. No respect, they leave all their rubbish behind and set fires to woodlands too. What is happening to the youth of this country?

Susan Farrell

Why are these people not given fines? It’s ridiculous the police having to deal with these people, where are their parents? The government should be supporting the police, never mind misappropriating central government funds and concentrating on another referendum. Get your priorities right.

Dave Moffat

That's all you get from these young people. All know their rights but have no responsibilities. They realise there is no meaningful deterrent and continue to ruin things for the vast majority who just want to enjoy a peaceful outing. The obnoxious behaviour is bad enough. . A less softly softly approach from the police might encourage at least some, to behave better.

Claudia Ana

Why does the community have to clean their mess? They should have done it and done some more cleaning around the city. Why do they behave like this? Because they have been locked in for almost a year and this is "revenge" and releasing all their extra energy.

Alan Knox

About time the police were a bit more heavy handed. Absolutely disgusting this is going on. No respect their parents must be so proud!

Grace Scott

Ridiculous they can't keep to rules, next lockdown on its way! Hope the police officer recovers soon and the yob punished, not just a slap on the wrist. Our police should be protected.

Elizabeth Fraser

This should not be happening to police who are doing a difficult job.

They have tried everything to get this behaviour stopped, the only thing now is to use water canon, like they do in other countries.

Liz Griffin

Absolutely disgusting. What are people thinking these days to put so many lives at risk? The police don't deserve the awful treatment they are getting, all they are trying to do is keep us safe!

Gillian Coan

How times have changed. Some have a total lack of respect for anyone, especially the police. I'm sure the thugs were there deliberately to fight. Horrible cretins.

Ali Baba

This behaviour is totally unacceptable. However, they are right that this has been offloaded onto the police who, let's face it, don't have the resources to deal with it properly. Young people are clearly desperate for social interaction and if some things were open again it may have stopped the mass gathering.

Sheena Murray

They are thugs just out to cause trouble. They should be named and shamed. I passed there and most people were just enjoying being together, but you could see the ones that were going to cause trouble.

Atholl Cunningham

I hope all those involved are having a nice wee time at her majesty's pleasure till the courts open again on Tuesday.

Gail Paterson

Can't believe I read that these police officers haven't had there jags yet. They are in the frontline and should have had it ages ago. What a mucked up world. If these little gets need locked up and then maybe they will realise the consequences instead a slap on the wrist.

Michelle Allan

Absolutely disgusting behaviour. No excuse for this whatsoever, and the youth wonder why they get a bad name and no one will give them a break. Well, just look at the videos going around social media and that should show you why. Can't any of you just go out and enjoy the sunshine without acting like big men which you clearly are not? Such a shame, as I know that not all young ones behave this way. Time to grow up. If you want to be respected and treated like adults, then maybe start behaving like adults.

Chris Noel

Disgusting behaviour from the youth of today, this combined with throwing rocks at buses and thieving in local areas is totally unacceptable. We as parents and adults need to educate these children. But at the same time, the youth of today should know better. Too much is handed to them these days and because of this they appreciate nothing.