Police Scotland urges the public to name and shame Portobello Beach troublemakers - your views online

"Perhaps put more bobbies on the beat to prevent this from happening in the first place!”
Police intervene to prevent youth rowdiness on Portobello BeachPolice intervene to prevent youth rowdiness on Portobello Beach
Police intervene to prevent youth rowdiness on Portobello Beach

Beach bams

Police Scotland urges the public to name and shame Portobello Beach troublemakers

Elizabeth McArthur

Surely this cannot be happening in Scotland...where the Scottish government gave all 16-year-olds the right to vote, simply because at that age they were considered to be responsible and intelligent human beings!

Julz Carpenter

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Happy to. Went for a walk down Porty last Saturday and all the wee bams were there drinking and showing off. There was one lass sat on the wall having an argument with her bf, shouting as loud as possible and getting worked up.

Krzysztof Sasyn

I think we “play a part" already by paying taxes!

Danny Watt

This should read ‘Public urges Police Scotland to name and shame the Portobello troublemakers’.

Jacques Georgie Aitch

And these are our future? God help us!

Keith Sutherland

Don't worry, heatwave to end this weekend. Goodbye sun and therefore goodbye bams.

William MacDonald

No wonder why I wouldn't take my kids down there. Disgusting behaviour.

Sebastian Prazak

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Funny, because I remember during first lockdown the police didn't disperse a single group at Porty.

Jimmy Marvin

So, Police Scotland want the public to do their job and potentially put themselves in physical danger for 'grassing'? Umm, no. Perhaps put more bobbies on the beat to prevent this from happening in the first place!

New Town bins

Edinburgh's New Town residents are on the warpath over communal bins.

Ross Viviani

You have already seen Liverpool being stripped of the UNESCO title. CEC wanting to chance their luck as well?

Gary Reilly

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They complain about their big bins, but drive about in big 4x4s, which really don't add to the area either.

Jackie Hamilton

Maybe the residents could decorate or camouflage the bins to look like ivy or rose bushes. My God, have they nothing better to moan about -what about rats and seagulls plaguing the area?

Robert Muir

If they want a different service, then they can pay extra for privilege.

Mary Laird

They must have had something before this, so why is it that it is not working now? They are an eyesore and not very clean.

Denise Demarco

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Oh dear, we can’t have that, but it’s OK for other residents to have them outside their house!

Fraser Cook

The rest of the New Town has wheelie bins. They are loads better than having to wait till bin collection days, especially if you don’t have anywhere to store your rubbish till bin day.

Paul Bathgate

Do they want invisible bins?

David A Brown

Bunch of snobby people

Workplace bullying

Harrowing account of treatment of Edinburgh Council staff member

Diane Karpacz

Not just in council. Many private companies treat their staff similar and micro manage staff. If you speak up you can be assured it won't bode well for your future.

Michael O Donnell

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If any of these clowns in management in the council were in the private sector their incompetence would be self-evident. But a job-for-life culture has existed in Edinburgh Council since the 70s.

Susan Stevens

Even if you do speak out, nothing happens. When I left Midlothian Council I made it clear on my leaving form I had felt bullied and I wasn’t the only one.

Maria Ullibarri

Employees can't afford to argue in court financially, Psychologically and for the wellbeing of their families. Employers exploit this weakness and justify themselves by creating a business-like rhetoric that allows them to live with themselves.

Susan Young

This is happening everywhere. No one wants to take accountability. Disgusting behaviour. Should not be tolerated.

Ken Johnston

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If the council leaders won't listen to the city residents who pay their salaries, what chance does their lowly employees have?

Diane Smith

All companies live with this attitude. Even going to HR does no good and the person complaining is seen as a trouble maker by management.

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