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Concerns have been raised over the closure of 140 police stations in Scotland since 2013

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 3:51 pm

William Hatton

The public can't have faith in a police service if they never see a police officer or can't actually talk to one face to face at a police station. It is no good having to travel 10 or 15 miles to a police station that is actually open and staffed. We need many of the closed police stations to be reopened and also more funding for more police officers. With the cost of living going up almost every day, this can only lead to an increase in criminal activities. We need a proactive and modern police force to be able to respond to this.

Julie Logan

I had someone kicking in my door with only myself and 8-year-old child inside. I called 999 and they didn't show up, they could hear my child screaming and I was telling them I was on my own at 2.30am. The perpetrators had got the wrong door. I put a formal complaint in about the police and their reply was shocking. They said they came to stair but didn't want to ring my door at that time in the morning! They are a joke, I have no faith or trust in them.

Adam Livingstone

Long gone are the days when you met police walking the beat. Taking police stations away has not only left communities abandoned, it has stop the public from being able to visit to report matters. It has divided the police. They took the police station in Dalkeith centre and placed it outside the town. It’s not on a bus route and hidden from view.

Michael Gordon

The administration keep "investing" in failed projects. Maybe that's where all the money has gone, eh?

Jane Loft

It’s almost as if austerity is affecting Scotland!

Kirsty Duncan Muir

Isn’t it miraculous that coming up to an election, where the indy parties will succeed, the ‘poor wee downtrodden Scotland’ headlines are rising again.

Ian Stewart

Everything nowadays seems to be underinvested – where does all the money go?

Gareth Ferrol

I’m not concerned. Police are little to no help nowadays, so just close them all and do us all a favour. Nobody has faith in them now.

Frank Power

Like everything else, it’s not just the police- what about the bairns’ schools?

David Currie

It’s because everything’s online nowadays, eh?

Grace Scott

No wonder local crime rates have gone up!

Emily Keenan Smith

They used the same expression to close down hospitals. 'Not fit for purpose.' Pity that expression isn't used for peoples low wages!

Russell Hunter

What’s next “virtual police”? Aw no, they’re the virtual polis.

Isabel Mungall

Well, as there are no penalties for the under 25s, we obviously don't need them. There under SNP control anyway – look at the Hogmanay party.

Choose Irvine

Irvine Welsh has struck down the Scottish Conservatives on Twitter after the party’s account used the famous Trainspotting poster to encourage voters to oust the Scottish National Party ahead of the local elections next month.

Gavin Work

No one was impressed. Half of them are actually their own fault. I think they're hoping people forget.

Steven Ogilvie

Looks like facts to me. Not that I would vote for the Toaaaaaries.

Gary Clark

It's actually hilarious, the brass neck. It's like BoJo never existed, with all the failures and the absolute state the UK is in. It's the most broken the UK has ever been, and they’re trying to deflect the blame to the SNP. It's cute, 10/10 for effort. "Vote for us, please don't ask us what our plan is because we don't have one, except we dinnae like wee nippy, just like you. Don't look at BoJo and his catastrophic disasters doon the road. That makes us look awful.”

Callum MacPherson

I like the poster. And no matter your views on 'independence', the self-righteous and shambolic SNP leadership at the city chambers must go!

Mark Snedden

Too many home truths for Welsh, wrapped up in his own medicine that’s the problem. Plus, it must be hard living off his millions in Chicago while the SNP are running the place into the ground. Oh, the irony of it all!

Lioslaith Rose

I think he summed up how we all feel perfectly

Helio Bastet

What did they get wrong?

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