Police were on the scene after receiving a report that a rock was thrown through a bus window in Musselburgh - your views online

"Are these kids completely nuts? What if someone gets hurt? We are not safe as passenger anymore.”

By The Newsroom
Friday, 14th May 2021, 7:00 am
Vandals target buses in Edinburgh
Vandals target buses in Edinburgh

Bus attack

Police were on the scene after receiving a report that a rock was thrown through a bus window in Musselburgh

Ian MacLachlan

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Enough is enough! Is it perfectly normal for persons, youths included, to want to injure or kill people for “fun”? If not then there is something wrong with their mental state and they should be held in a hospital for the criminally insane! What would their community think of the parents of those that were held in such a place?

Wendy Kenny

Get them rounded up like the feral dogs that they are an onto a chartered flight to a war torn country - see how they like them apples.

Tracy Tounsi

These kids need to go to boot camp or a secure unit – they are out of control. Animals behave better. They've been clearly let down by the parents on lack of discipline.

Alex Mclean

I witnessed a group of little thugs start to kick at the tram stop at West End the other day. I’d say they were about 12/13. They had the shock of their lives when they got a warning over the Tannoy that they were being filmed. From what I saw and heard of them, about six boys and girls, they need a good kick up the backside. Parents should be deeply ashamed but probably too high to care.

Andrea Davies

We are going to lose bus services to all areas and you can’t blame the drivers for not wanting to do the routes. The kids should all be punished - they wouldn't like it if it was their car getting stones thrown at the windows. They have no respect.

Naomi Frances Robertson

Hope their parents are proud of these animals. Disgusting, the parents should be charged and made to.pay for damage. That might change the way they bring up their kids.

John Swan

The kids should be in school from start to finish and have their lunch at school, as the trouble they cause is often while waiting at the shops.

Claudia Ana

Are these kids completely nuts? What if someone gets hurt? We are not safe as passenger anymore.

Janice Stienlet

These children need to be caught and dealt with, as they could cause serious injury or even kill someone. It will be too late if nothing is done.

Adrian Asenov

Nothing new. One driver had his eye injured and yet no one can do anything to these brainless youths, as the law protects them for being minors. The justice system is a joke. You might as well stop covering these incidents, as even if they get caught no one will do anything to them.

Linda Gordon

I hope when whoever is doing this is caught that they are charged with attempted murder. A paramedic down in England died a couple of weeks ago when a brick was thrown at an ambulance. It's only a matter of time before someone else dies!

Alun Thomas

Maybe the police and some bus drivers should visit local schools and explain the dangers of these actions! Maybe if the police warned the kids of what could happen to them if caught, it might make them think twice, before throwing stuff at buses!

Neil Connery

Sir Sean Connery’s younger brother has died at the age of 83 following a long battle with illness.

Brian O Reilly

Nice guy, he liked a wee bevy. He used to come into Scotsman’s Lounge, Cockburn Street on a Saturday afternoon about 15/20 year ago. I had many a drink and blether with him - he was never short of people wanting to buy him a drink. Sad news. RIP Neil.

Karen Georgina Attenburgh

So sad and soon after his brother Sean. I used to see him walking about when I worked in Corstorphine.

Fiona Black

Met him at a bus stop many years ago. It was absolutely chucking it down with rain and he let me share his umbrella as mine had just fallen apart, we chatted for ages. Lovely fella. RIP Neil.

Elaine Bell

I remember meeting him when he came into the museum to see my boss. When I asked who could I say was calling he said “Mr Connery – the other one”! He seemed a very nice man and chatted about playing golf with Sean at St Andrews the day before.They looked very alike.

Jacqui Gordon

He was a very happy go lucky man. I served him many a time when I worked in a pub in Fountainbridge. Used to also see him out walking in Corstorphine.

Angela J Hughes

RIP Neil. You were always a chatty, friendly soul with lots of stories in the Cramond Inn in the days when we had lots of locals and a heaving pub full of banter.