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Labour leader Keir Starmer and Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey have said Liz Truss should turn down the £115,000 a year allowance she is entitled to claim as a former PM.

Danny Murphy

I was shocked when I heard about this and it would be an absolute disgrace if measures were not introduced to prevent this from being claimed. I guess it won’t, as the folk that vote for this may one day be in receipt of it!

Joe-Isabella McGarry

I think she was trying her best, given the times we live in. She had an idea but unfortunately, she wasn't able to respond the way Boris did with his gift of the gab. She should take any monies due to her as per her employment agreement.

Vera Farrer

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It’s a disgrace. Disabled people, many of whom have worked in the past, are humiliated daily trying to claim pennies to live on and these incompetents can claim vast amounts with no shame.

David Herd

This shouldn’t be allowed. The system should have an inbuilt decline if a PM doesn’t serve full term.

Liz Crosbie

i think it is disgusting that any PM that retires gets money. Give them a pension if they are old enough or go and get a job, the way that madam said, if you werent working you were lazy.

Thelma Kelly

What I think of all this is that over the years and successive governments, it’s turned into an absolute gravy train between expenses, allowances and salaries, not to mention all the other remunerations, including this one. They preach about us having to accept austerity but that doesn’t seem to apply to them and never has done. It’s time for those at the top to show that they are prepared to ‘muck in’ and get this country back on its feet. We’re a laughing stock!

Elizabeth Darling

I agree. It’s money for nothing when people are struggling.

Katrina Campbell

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In any other job you wouldn’t be entitled to receive anything. Why should someone who was so incompetent receive this? She should refuse it.

Ilona Turner

If I was her I’d take the money and run! However, it’s the wrong thing to do, she didn’t earn it. She made decisions that have cost ordinary people their homes and changed their lives forever! She should not be entitled to it! Most people aren’t entitled to job benefits after 44 days.

Fiona Hamilton Pow

She shouldn't even be given the choice whether to accept or turn down, she's not entitled, plain and simple!

Michal Rusky

I think the entire scheme should be abolished. They decided to be in politics, nobody forced them into it. Most earns thousands from various legal sources. If I or any random person here work long hours to survive then, when we live the job, no one compensate us for loss of social time. But for the time being Liz should keep her bonus because she is entitled to it. It just shows how well politicians look after themselves.

Anne Jackson

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I totally agree. While real working families struggle, this is immoral and disgusting.

Carol Hathaway

The British government is a joke.

Mac Milne

No wonder the country's broke. She's still an MP isn't she and gets an income from that, plus allowances.

Carol Travers

Surely this is meant as a ‘thank you’ for serving. She not only hasn’t served the country, she’s cost a lot of people a lot of money. No, she should not be paid this money.

Michael Richard Partridge

The two types of people Parliament works in the favour of are the wealthy and themselves. That is why even many Parliamentary Labour Party members support the unfair payment and taxation system. Short term fixes like windfall taxes don't cure anything, reducing taxes only benefits the wealthy. The only way for workers to benefit is to cap the amount employers can pay themselves above the lowest paid employee. Putting more money into employees bank accounts.

Anne Farrell

Keir Starmer for prime minister.

Anne McCabe

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Absolutely scandolus! She couldn't run a raffle, let alone a country and gets rewarded for bringing the UK to its knees, where our elderly and less fortunate can't even afford to heat their homes or buy food and could perish in the colder weather!

Craig Mackie

It should be withdrawn entirely. What do they need an office staff for once they’ve retired? This is on top of the rehab allowance and the pension.

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