Proposal to transform former Edinburgh high school into student flats - your views online

"About time they got the local public involved in these decisions which affect the community - Leith Walk being a prime example”

Monday, 29th March 2021, 7:00 am
The old Tynecastle High School has been boarded up for years since its closure.

Tynecastle High

Proposal to transform former Edinburgh high school into student flats

Sarah Cox

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I was a student but this is becoming laughable and I didn't stay in any one of these fancy student flats - too expensive!. Edinburgh needs more affordable housing - starter homes and social housing. I stayed in Edinburgh six years after graduating but when it came to purchasing a family home, Edinburgh was too expensive. We had to move out to Livingston.

Aileen Rutherford

Why not a hotel as well? After all, the only type of accommodation Edinburgh needs is quite obviously more student flats and hotels! Absolute disgrace. We need more affordable housing.

Nicola Todd

Would someone like to stop this madness of building or converting any space or building that’s available into student accommodation! We need affordable permanent housing for the people of Edinburgh. Everything being geared around students nowadays.

James Petrie

Between student accommodation and hotels, that is all that seems to be getting built in the city these days. How about building more student flats out at Edinburgh University site on the west, where they have access to transport links, and provide more social housing for the homeless - get the priorities right.

Heather Ford

Because Edinburgh University has a duty to provide accommodation for students, the CEC also has a responsibility to the people who voted for them to provide adequate housing for its permanent residents. Council tenants are paying their rent to build more homes. Where are they?

Lee Wood

The council and local councillors should be ashamed if they're not actively opposing this. Edinburgh's housing crisis is embarassing. Locals can't get social housing and can't afford to live here. I had to move out of Edinburgh as it was stupid paying £500 to rent a room in shared flat when I could have a mortgage for that! Going to end up with few young people who can actually afford to live there, excluding the privileged few. I was homeless at one stage and waited 1.5 year to no avail. It's awful and nobody cares.

Elayne Young

It's the same here in Leeds, one mass student village, 30 storey blocks, and no care given to dire need for social housing! One high rise was bought over, residents dispersed to other places and repopulated with students.

Gordon Quinn

About time they got the local public involved in these decisions which affect the community - Leith Walk being a prime example.

Graeme Robertson

You are having a laugh. The city is full to choking point of non-council tax paying, so- called student flats. In due course every one of which will be flogged off at some outrageous price as "one-bedroomed flats."

Pab Roberts

I think the parks, roads, churches and pubs should all be made into privately run student flats. We need more overpriced private investment-built student accommodation in areas nowhere near higher education institutions. What about decommissioned oil rigs? Edinburgh Castle's ripe for development. Princes Street is just about empty these days. I've got a Fiat Panda, could probably convert that...

David Johnston

It would appear that the entire city is fast becoming student central, while there is very little investment in infrastructure or social housing for the residents of Edinburgh. Local people will end up being forced out of the city.

Margaret Bishop

Its about time the council was made to collaborate with the residents of the city as to what housing is being built. There are too few council houses, and CEC are allowing private housing to be built everywhere.

Bill Whyte

This is the last thing we need, more student housing in a city that has a shortage of affordable social housing. It is time that CEC stopped approving student accommodation and started to consider the needs of the people who live and work in Edinburgh and those who are waiting on social housing.

Hayley Weddell

The people of Edinburgh need to start a petition to stop this madness.

Heather Millar Stoddart

There should be more social housing for our young ones and families. It shows this council does not support the residents of Edinburgh. To afford a house you have to move out of Edinburgh as property is too expensive to rent or buy. No more student accommodation until affordable housing has been built.