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Tram workers are set to vote on strike action during the Edinburgh Festival in a row over pay, sparking fears of summer ‘chaos’.

Jackie Hamilton

Jumping on the bandwagon causing more financial grief for folks. What were the bonuses for? Going above and beyond to save lives! I don't think so!

Ally Middleton

Automate the tram system and have done with these selfish militants. The offer they're so keen to turn down would mean someone on £30,000 a year would have their salary increase to £32,760.

Peter Doris

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Give them the payrise they deserve. Stop allowing asset striping of our public services. This issue and cause of the chaos lies fair and square with the management.

Paul Pringle

“Summer chaos”? That’s what Edinburgh residents normally call the festival anyway.

Margaret Robertson

Tram drivers need to get a life, jumping on the pay bandwagon. More grief in Edinburgh. Nurses could walk out and get a pay rise but they're not gonna do that because they're not selfish but deserve it more than you.

Diane Jeffrey

It's time we all stand together and show the government we have had enough every one should go on strike.

Dean Thomson

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“Ditch the car and use public transport “ we’ve been constantly told and lectured on. Aafter all the upheaval that has happened with public transport this week, that’ll be a naw. Our transport isn’t reliable all year round…my car is.

Scott Shaw

I think everyone should go on strike and watch the cry. They have created these cost of living crisies and yet have taken a pay rise every year. Another case of do as we say not as we do.

Ian Mountford

Fancy workers demanding that they don’t get real terms gigantic pay cuts during a cost of living crisis while their bosses cream in five and six figure bonuses and fares increase with RPI!

Joanne Laidlaw

Summer chaos? More like year-long chaos that is the trams in general.

Scott Brown

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Far too many people are missing the point thinking the rail strikes is only over pay. It’s not, they are fighting against cuts. Think of it like Tesco replacing till staff with self-service checkouts. You'd think your shopping bills would decrease as a result but they don't, they go up. That same thing is starting to happen with the railway. It's like Thatcher again.

Kay Mcgraw

Thank god for buses!

Chris Kirkland

In August of all periods; the one key month where the city expects a significant volume of tourism within the city centre and expectations of them using the tram network. Unbelievable (not).

Tom Kerr

Ordinary people are finally able to get back to taking holidays and are hit with this nonsense. Hang your heads in shame, this will negatively impact tourism and revenue for small businesses.

Gareth Hamilton

No trains, trams or buses. The city will be quiet this year.

Kerry Black

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Don’t forget about the education staff too, Unison East Lothian.

Dave Flynn

Solution = give the workers what the ask for. Government can afford billions on a useless test and trace system, so they can afford to pay workers a decent wage.

Peter Anderson

Perfect time for everybody else to strike also during the rip-off Edinburgh festival.

Erik Grieve

Oh no! How will we ever get to the airport? If only there was a cheaper, faster, more comfortable and reliable alternative......oh wait!

Mike Williamson

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Clearly it's an important service and the staff shouldn't be getting a real terms pay cut.

Keith Robertson

Please make it a permanent strike. Al the white slug does is bring traffic to a standstill at the Gyle.

Georgy Clarke

How many Lothian Buses staff worked through Covid, getting paid as normal and not having to decide what bills to miss while off on furlough? How many still have their pensions paid for during Covid? Need to get a grip and be thankful they haven’t lost their jobs in the last two years!

Jarek Mazur

It's a one tram line. Edinburgh it's not San Francisco. I would rather the government raise the nurses’ salaries and Edinburgh council invest in nurseries as they are closing down one by one.


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