Radical skywalk proposal for Arthur's Seat - your views online

A futuristic sky walkway could be installed on Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat to help tackle the risk of rock falls on a currently closed path, although some believe this would be an “excessive and inappropriate” option

Renée La Racineuse

About as much as I’d want to see a tramline to the top.

Pat Dunlop

No, leave this lovely place alone. We are so lucky to have it, don't tamper with natural beauty.

K Grace Rogerson

No! Make the current paths safer.

Krzysztof Sasyn

Another 10 years projec plus billions. Just Just fix current path. Cheaper, natural.

Daf Smith

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All that’s needed is some minimal dynamite blasting to remove the rotten rock – be all done and dusted for a few grand.

Mairi Mackinnon

Great idea for folks to go and view and helps to stop corrosion at same time.

Paul Harvey

Put up a sign at either end if you must, but get those fences down! Anyone unable to see there are dangers from loose rock and stones on a path like that one needs putting away for their own good anyway! There are numerous paths in the Highlands that are just as 'risky'. Get a life and let the walker be the judge!

Helen Blackburn

Not a chance. Arthur's Seat is magnificent and doesn't need any artificial assistance to remain magnificent.

Jim Cowan

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The area is wonderful as it is. Please don't turn it into a theme park. I used to live not far from Duddingston Loch and have memories going as far back as celebrating the end of the war. When I venture back from Canada it's always on my list of places to visit.

Raymond Rose

No... next question. Just make the current path safe.

William Hatton

Absolutely not.

Jamil Chaudry

Answer .… no. Now these lot are back in power, why ask, they will still go ahead amd mess things up just like they have done to the city and ruin it.

Mag Reid

No, leave it natural, too much tampering with 'everything' nowadays!

Ian Shepherd

No! We don’t need gimmicks! It’s fine just the way it is! What a next, an escalator up the Pentlands?

Fiona Cordery

No, leave the landscape alone!

Lizz Rennie

How to ruin a lovely place.

Andrew Davidson

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Leave it in its natural state. There's always someone wanting do destroy the natural beauty of this city.

Liz Stewart

Definitely no, don’t spoil Arthur’s Seat, there’s enough of Edinburgh being destroyed. Before we know it they’ll be building student flats at the bottom.

Alexander Mclachlan

No, it would attract too many tourists and spoil all the natural scenery.

Dave Highley

About as much as I’d like to see a second parliament building

Robert William Tofts

No, keep it natural.

Stephen Bell

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No, leave as is, I played there as a youngster and it’s changed so much in the past 40 odd years.Just leave it the way it is.

Pat Christie

No; an eyesore and absolutely ridiculous idea.

Stella Campbell

Absolutely no way.

Danny Murphy

No, just no, and another no to the £2.5m cost

Jen Cresswell

It’s not high enough for a walkway like that. My brain can’t work it out.

Amy Snell

Absolutely not! Fixing the path with proper ongoing maintenance surely cannot be more expensive than an eyesore which the clowncil will surely monetise for tourists pleasure only.

Shonagh Potter

Np! Ridiculous suggestion.

Bence Solymar

I'd sooner go for the wire netting over the rocks than this monster.

Lynne Chalmers

I’d like to see the potholes filled in.

Kirsty Bell

Noooooo, would ruin a beautiful place.

Tracey Yorkston

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Maybe focus on getting the park opened again before anything else - long way round in the car today.

Marie Stephenson

Mmm….wonder what they would charge us to walk along it? No thanks.

Malcolm Lind

Ecological, geological and anthropological vandalism. Absolutely not!

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