Readers' letters: Bad timing for an independence push

How can a responsible leader of any country, at this point in time with monumental domestic and global situations to be negotiated, saddle their population for at least the next year with the continual distraction of the constitutional question which will inevitably dominate everything?

This is from the leader of a party that has now had an almost unprecedented, uninterrupted 15-year period in government that has only resulted in a litany of disastrous policies.

Sturgeon is now effectively saying that with independence, all of a sudden, she can get everything spot on, guide us through the current domestic and global problems as well as setting up a new, independent country that is going to see us into the promised land.

Come on. Get real, please.

Ian G Hogg, Melrose.

Nicola’s call puts democracy to test

Has Nicola Sturgeon played a blinder regarding indyref2?

Judging by the running scared tabloid headlines she appears to have put the cat among the pigeons.

Boris Johnson and his fellow unionists are refusing to consider a Section 30 order which would allow another referendum, persuading her to take the right of her government to have one to the Supreme Court.

This is a major test for the establishment. If the Supreme Court vetoes another referendum what would this say about democracy?

Ms Surgeon has intimated that if the verdict is unfavorable she will bravely campaign in the next general election on the single question, should Scotland be an independent country? This in theory could become a de facto referendum on independence.

Anas Sarwar and Douglas Ross have said they're 'no playin'. They repeatedly tell us that the people of Scotland don't want independence. If this is the case then why are they so frightened? If they are correct then they should be screaming at Nicola Sturgeon to bring it on.

Running scared of democracy is never a good look.

Jack Fraser, Musselburgh.

Student dividend

A new Scottish Government initiative aims to attract more GPs to Scotland from other parts of the UK and elsewhere.

If "elsewhere" means poaching them from the Commonwealth and countries that need them more then this is unethical.

The shortage of doctors and dentists could have been avoided with a bit of Scottish Government foresight. For many years students who have lived in Scotland for three years are entitled to have their university fees paid by the Scottish Government. Students from England pay £9250 per year.

Thus Scottish-based students get the benefit of £37,000 or more of free education. There should have been a condition that those, including student doctors and dentists, getting this free education would have to work in Scotland for five years or longer to repay taxpayers' generosity.

Thus there would not be the present shortage of doctors, nurses and NHS dentists.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow.

SNP’s cunning plan

Secret moves are afoot within the SNP on a plan to ease the path to Scottish Independence. Hand-picked SNP advisers are studying a terrorist gang - said to number nearly half the voters - who are known as 'the unionists'

When these dangerous individuals are sequestered in special re-education camps, it is thought the proposed iIndependence vote will be much easier.

Crawford Mackie, Edinburgh.

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