Readers' letters: Brexit fall-out shows we must go it alone

"The UK Tory leadership are desperate to find some trade deals to replace the ones they ditched from our near neighbours in Europe”

By The Newsroom
Monday, 24th May 2021, 7:00 am

Brexit fall-out shows we must go it alone

The fall-out from Brexit continues to bring worrying news and this time it is the farmers who are facing the impact of tariff-free lamb and beef from Australia competing with hill farmers and crofters in Wales and Scotland.

The UK Tory leadership are desperate to find some trade deals to replace the ones they ditched from our near neighbours in Europe – these mostly involve long journeys around the world, which conflicts somewhat with their responsibilities for reducing their carbon footprint, so they have many complicated manouevres to be getting on with.

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Prime Minister Johnson has obviously issued an instruction to all departments that they must provide some form of United Kingdom branding, as in the case of Grant Shapps and the railways.

He, poor fellow, has been set the unenviable task of reworking a failed and expensive system under a UK timetabling and fares unit. This with no prior consultation with Wales or Scotland.

Mr Johnson has apparently nine inquiries looking at his past and present behaviour - something of a record for a UK PM.

But this does provide us with reasons to re-ignite the Yes Campaign. He will be busy juggling with these balls in the air with further bad news about Brexit fallout pending.

The First Minister has announced her new cabinet and it looks as though there is no minister to prepare for independence.

So if the SNP leadership are not going to drive the demand for indy, I suppose we will have to do it for ourselves – the Yes movement in all its diversity, those in the SNP who are passionate about indy, the Alba Party, Now Scotland, AUOB and those who are feeling a bit undecided but might be persuaded to join us on the way.

Those of us at the grassroots who will be required to do the heavy lifting on indy never forget the old battle cry ‘United we stand-divided we fall’

Maggie Chetty, Woodend Drive, Glasgow.

E-scooters need proper legislation

It is obvious that despite large scale objections from the public, the UK government will force through legislation to allow e-scooters on our roads, even though during trials many were ridden illegally on pavements and in shopping malls and injuries to pedestrians have occurred.

E-scooters are restricted to 12.5mph but can be modified to give speeds of up to 30mph. Similar incidents regularly happen involving cycles and e-cycles.

Time to update legislation. The owners of these modes of transport should have insurance, a helmet, pass a proficiency and Highway Code test and have clear identification, perhaps on a hi-viz jacket.

If they break the law then their driving licence, if they have one, should be endorsed with three penalty points.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

Sturgeon launches cabinet rescue squad

Nicola Sturgeon has sent in the rescue squad. John Swinney is lifted by helicopter out of the education brief before the OECD report is published and he has to carry the can for its criticisms.

Someone else will have to answer them, doubtless prefaced by ‘it wisnae me’. Swinney is deposited in an area where he can do no harm, Covid Recovery, a new ministerial post to add to an already swollen government complement.

At least, we all have to hope that he can do no harm there. Don’t hold your breath!

Jill Stephenson, Glenlockhart Valley, Edinburgh.