Readers' letters: Clarkson is spouting hatred once again

In 2011 Jeremy Clarkson ranted that public sector strikers should be executed in front of their children.

He should have been charged then with inciting hatred, but there is a 'law for some and a law for others'. Our British judiciary has let down the people.

The Scottish government is trying to combat this problem In Scotland with its Anti-Hate Crime Bill, which has met with great opposition from defenders of free speech

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I believe there is some-thing wrong with the man who says he dreamed of seeing Meghan Markle paraded naked through the streets while having excrement thrown at her.

Commenting on the Harry and Meghan Netflix Show he said about Meghan Markle - "I hate her" and compared her to Nicola Sturgeon and serial murderer Rose West.

This misogynist attempt to humiliate a black woman and a Scottish women only leaves Mr Clarkson and his supporters open to accusations of racism.

If his hate filled rant had happened in Scotland this would have been an important issue for Scotland's judiciary and the Anti-Hate Crime Bill.

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If young tearaways from the from the other side of the tracks behaved like Mr Clarkson, people know that they would be up before the beaks quicker than Mr Clarkson could insult another Mexican.

How our media can entertain him astounds me and how members of the public can watch his shows on television says a lot about racist and misogynist tolerance in modern Britain under a failing Westminster government.

Jack Fraser, Musselburgh

Why are new UK homes so poorly built?

With targets to build houses (units), rather than homes where people want to live, it is obvious even to the casual observer that most new buildings are of poor quality and design.

New homes are often described as characterless, with small rooms, thin walls. low ceilings, small gardens if any, and no charm.

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Most are thrown up with dubious quality and cheap materials; and then its left to the owner who needs to fight the builder to fix all the defects they can discover.

Most of the current offerings will be lucky to last a generation before requiring extensive renovations.

Homes shouldn’t just be a cheap build with maximum profit. Why can’t we have quality built homes that will last generations and that people might actually like?

Alastair Murray, Edinburgh

Costly Green dreams are ill thought out

Lorna Slater, a Green MSP and a Minister in the Scottish government says that the UK should ban all domestic flights where other forms of travel are available.

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Would that be one of the numerous limousines available on tap for Ministers?

Her latest shambles is the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) which has been delayed until August 2023. But why do we need one?

Local authorities have very efficient bottle banks for glass and plastics and tins are in a separate household bin.

Kim Pratt, Friends of the Earth, says DRS will save millions of tonnes of climate-changing emissions. Ms Pratt must publish proof of this unsubstantiated statement.

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She also says that there will be "a huge reduction in littering".

Rubbish. The morons who litter will not be deterred by 20p on the cost of a £8 to £10 carry out.

Ms Slater is paid £94,821 plus benefits by the taxpayers for her ill-thought out mega-expensive Green dreams.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow

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