Readers letters: Cyclists risk injury ignoring red lights

"W hy do so many cyclists put themselves in situations of potential injury?”

Cyclists risk injury ignoring red lights

Today I almost killed a cyclist. I approached a T junction where the main road is controlled by traffic pedestrian lights and saw that the lights were at red, checked right and left then moved forward to find a cyclist had gone through the red light and was in real danger of being run over by my car.

Had I not performed an emergency stop they would have been struck and injured, perhaps even killed.

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This experience has shaken me, I never drive intending to injure a cyclist or anyone, but why do so many cyclists put themselves in situations of potential injury?

Accidents happen, we cannot legislate against misfortune, but we can all adhere to the rules of the road and reduce the potential for unnecessary injury.

Mr Clark, Lochend Park View, Edinburgh.

Vaccine success was dependent on UK

Nicola Sturgeon recently said it was "utter nonsense" that Scotland's vaccination programme would not have been as successful as it has been had Scotland been outside the UK and tied to the EU.

It omitted the fact that at the time the UK decided to obtain vaccine supplies independently from the EU vaccination programme and appointed Kate Bingham to lead the procurement task force, the SNP were loudly accusing the UK government of cronyism and by that opting out of the EU programme, lives would be lost. It seems that her episodes of memory loss are continuing.

Paul Lewis, Guardwell Crescent, Edinburgh.

SNP could have done more to beat Brexit

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Nicola Sturgeon again repeats the mantra that Scotland has been dragged out of the EU against its will, but who exactly was responsible?

While the Conservatives should shoulder most of the blame, all the Tories did, post- referendum, was to give effect to the decision of the people of the UK. A majority, 52 per cent of voters, in the UK wanted to come out of the EU.

No, the answer is closer to home. More than a million Scots voted to leave the EU. About a third of those were SNP supporters. Had some of those who voted to leave instead chosen to remain, it could have changed the result, and the UK would likely still be in the EU now.

If the SNP regret the result, it is a pity they spent less on the EU referendum than they did on the Holy-rood by-election in Orkney.

Phil Tate, Chester.

Where are the loos?

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I thought it must be April 1 when I read the article in the News (May 4) about Edinburgh being named number one in the UK for having the most free and accessible public toilets!

The article goes on to state that Edinburgh has 117 public toilets - I'd love to know where?

Sylvia Wilson, Maxwell Street, Edinburgh.

Scexit equals Brexit

Surely Scexit equals Brexit, only on a more industrial scale? Two wrongs don't make a right.

With so much rebuilding needed after a year of appalling tragedy, isn't now the time for a Holyrood administration to create bridges with elsewhere in the UK, not erect barriers?

Martin Redfern, Melrose.

One law for them

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Why are the families of those who suffered, or even died because of cuts to benefits, not asking, if there are billions now for friends of the Tory cabinet, why weren't there billions then for people in need?

Anne Wimberley, Edinburgh.

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