Readers' letters: Euro currency is no bar to joining EU

"It replays the tired old fallacy that an independent Scotland would have to join the single currency”

By The Newsroom
Monday, 16th August 2021, 8:00 am
Scotland would not have to join the Euro currency
Scotland would not have to join the Euro currency

Euro currency is no bar to joining EU

The poll from pro-Union group, Scotland in Union, that apparently shows nearly 40 per cent of Scots are less likely to back independence if it meant Scotland joining the euro is the ultimate ‘red herring’.

It replays the tired old fallacy that an independent Scotland would have to join the single currency.

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Currently there are 19 of the 27 EU member countries using the euro. Denmark has negotiated opt-outs while seven do not currently fulfil the criteria for joining the euro area.

Any country adopting the euro first has to join the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) for two years. The ERM was set up to ensure that exchange-rate fluctuations between the euro and other EU currencies do not disrupt economic stability. Participation in ERM is voluntary for non-euro countries.

Indeed, the EU does not have a formal timetable for countries joining the currency and noted that it is up to individual countries to calibrate their path towards the euro.

Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and has not yet adopted the euro or entered into the ERM. Euro membership was defeated in a referendum in 2003, and the country has no formal timetable for signing up.

This is, therefore a simple case of scaremongering, and Scotland could join the EU without needing to adopt the euro.

Alex Orr, Marchmont Road, Edinburgh.

Climate change talks need commitment

The success of the world in reducing greenhouse gases and thus keeping global temperatures from increasing by more than 1.5C to 2C from pre-industrial levels depends on other countries.

The UK can achieve nothing with a minuscule 1.13 per cent of global emissions but it will cost taxpayers £1.4 trillion.

China, with 30 per cent, can make or break the efforts of other countries. China has promised to reduce its emissions and reach net zero 40 years in the future when, according to the green soothsayers we will all be fried to a crisp.

The surging power demand in China to maintain economic growth has meant that 15 coal mines have restarted production and will deliver 44 million tons of coal.

China, India and 85 other nations have snubbed the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by ignoring the deadline for submitting their "nationally determined contributions" for cutting their emissions and none of these countries have legally-binding Climate Change Acts.

Holding COP26 is pointless without their commitment.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

Grouse shooting can’t help save world

Ross Ewing of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation suggests grouse moor managers could play a very important part in confronting the climate emergency.

He also explained that the 2021 grouse season is going to be delayed and curtailed yet again due to another cold and wet spring.

These recurring spring weather patterns are due to climate change and grouse moor managers have not been able to do anything about it for the last ten years or more. Controlled muirburn are little more than wildfires started deliberately by moor managers who try, not always successfully, to limit the spread of the fires.

Muirburn kills and displaces the invertebrates which other birds and animals feed on and turns to toast any animals unable to escape the flames. Grouse shooting cannot help save the world.

John F Robins, Animal Concern.