Readers letters: Humza Yousaf’s legal message is unacceptable

"It is unacceptable for a mob to be encouraged by Nicola Sturgeon, Yousaf and other members of the Scottish government to prevent the lawful removal of failed migrants.”

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 7:00 am
John Devlin 13/05/2021. GLASGOW. Scots residents block immigration van amid 'stand off' over Home Office raid in Glasgow. Activists chanting 'let them go' are blocking the path of an immigration enforcement van, with one man lying underneath the vehicle. Protesters are currently blocking the road and chanting 'let them go' at the scene of a Home Office raid in Glasgow this morning. The UK Border Agency arrived at a property on Kenmure Street in Pollokshields shortly before 10am on Thursday. This alerted dozens of activists who arrived on the street, with well over 100 people now in attendance, and one person is believed to be lying in front of the van blocking it from departing. Pictures taken from the scene show activists sitting on the middle of the road surrounding the Home Office van. A video, which was sent to the Record, has captured a large group chanting 'let them go, let them go'. Ruby Hirsch, who is at the scene, says she was told two men had been taken from a property and are currently sitting inside the van. Ruby, of the Stand Up To Racism Group, told the Record: "When I arrived I was told that two men had been taken from their flat and they had been taken to the van, which is in the middle of the street. "Around the van now there are about 70 folk. Lots of people have come down from their houses. "There is a lot of police around and surrounding the mosque where people were doing their Eid prayers. A lot of people have come from there to join too. "We've just been standing here waiting, trying to negotiate with them telling them to let them go. "We said we will disperse if they let them go but they are just not speaking to us. "There's more police arriving but there's also more locals arriving to stop it. It's just a stand off at the moment. "There's so many of us surrounding the van it's not possible that they could move." A Police Scotland spokesperson said:"Around 9.55 am this morning, Thursday, 13 May, 2021, police were called to support col

Yousaf’s message is unacceptable

Is there no beginning to Health Secretary Humza Yousaf's talents?

He said his party would seek to "deligitimise" the UK rule of law supporting residents and campaigners in Glasgow who prevented two Indian men from being detained by the Home Office on immigration offences.

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It is unacceptable for a mob to be encouraged by Nicola Sturgeon, Yousaf and other members of the Scottish government to prevent the lawful removal of failed migrants.

Then Yousaf demanded police action when it was alleged Rangers players had taken part in sectarian chants. A Police Scotland investigation found no evidence of criminality. Now Rangers have initiated legal proceedings against individuals for spreading false narratives. I suspect Humza will be top of the list.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.

Is the SNP now an anarchist party?

Humza Yousaf as Justice Secretary believed removal of illegal immigrants was “intended to provoke” and “reckless in the heart of Scotland’s Muslim community”.

The Civil servants were only doing their job as instructed by law. Nicola Sturgeon has thankfully removed him from his job, which must have become untenable.

Kirsty Blackman SNP MP stated “We have achieved something today,” she said. “Just imagine what we can do with independence.”

Are we now to become the Anarchist Republic of Scotland (ARS)? SNP ministers could compete to see who should become Chief ARS.

Alastair Murray, Elliot Road, Edinburgh.

Holiday destinations

I have, for some time, had a holiday booked for November, to a place that now seems to be called Zero Two April in case its inhabitants are offended by our using the name it used to have.

No doubt it will be cancelled, which will save me the bother of explaining why I am going to April in November. Perhaps I should just settle for a holiday in Kent.

Jill Stephenson, Glenlockhart Valley, Edinburgh.

Helping children to enjoy playing out

Now, as we approach summer with hopefully fewer restrictions, we can start to make plans about how we will spend time with family and friends.

Following the challenging year we have experienced, we could all do with a bit more play in our lives. Play is a hugely important part of childhood and has a whole host of benefits, including improving physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Throughout this pandemic, children have had to deal with so many difficult challenges; some having to stay in unsafe homes and many living with families who are struggling with health worries and financial issues. Children have told Childline that they have struggled to cope and their mental health has suffered as a result.

It doesn’t matter how people choose to play this Childhood Day (11 June), whether it’s organising a sponsored kickabout in the park, a game of cards, a musical get-together or an online gaming tournament, we just want as many as possible playing and raising money to help us keep children safe.

We look forward to hearing how your readers plan to support the NSPCC and children across Scotland this Childhood Day. To find out more and download a fundraising pack, visit or search online for NSPCC Childhood Day.

Paul Cockram, Head of Fundraising, NSPCC Scotland.