Readers' letters: Is Johnson the best Scotland can do?

There is a famous saying, dating to the 1600s, which notes “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 17th January 2022, 7:00 am

It was something that struck me given the recent antics of Prime Minister Johnson. While much attention has been clearly focused on his personal behaviour, as uneasy as it may be, the fact that he was elected as Prime Minister maybe provides a moment of reflection for those who voted for and continue to support him.

Mr Johnson’s serious character flaws were well-known to everyone prior to “partygate”.

He has, for example, been sacked from a newspaper for lying in an article he wrote and as a Conservative shadow minister for lying about an affair.

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This is only the tip of the iceberg, and his public and private life is littered with a litany of lies he has told, all very well documented.

Yet, despite this, he was elected as leader of the Conservative Party and ultimately as Prime Minister with a not inconsiderable majority.

It is oft quoted that “the government you elect is the government you deserve”.

Those complicit in elevating Mr Johnson to the role as Prime Minister of the UK, well aware of his character, may want to take some time to pause and reflect on whether this is truly the outcome they wanted.

For those in Scotland the simple question I pose is – “is this really the best we can do?”

Alex Orr, Edinburgh.

Tory voters need to look in the mirror

Despite accusations of racist comments, lies, corruption and sleaze directed at Boris Johnson, a revolution is not quite imminent in England, I would suggest.

It is wrong to blame just one person for the cover-ups within the Tory Party and the silent acceptance from the party faithful. Many misguided people in England must now be taking a long hard look in the mirror.

A few reluctant Tory voters may drift back to Labour and the Lib/Dems, but self-centered Tory voters will find it difficult to vote for any party remotely interested in the common good, whereas in Scotland the common good is still important hence the ever-increasing movement towards independence.

Reluctant Tory voters who are thinking of voting for the Liberals must also remember the recent ill-fated Conservative, Lib/Dem coalition.

Jack Fraser, Musselburgh.

The party’s finally over for Johnson

It wasn’t a party it was a “work event” or a “business meeting” as a sniggering Allegra Stratton described another Number 10 party during strict Covid rules before resigning in tears.

Just another lie from a Prime Minister who lost any credibility years ago. So sad that Douglas Ross couldn’t see through his lies sooner like the majority of Scots, according to the polls.It’s incredible that the PM chooses to use his government’s record on the vaccine roll out to survive. It’s worth remembering that the UK was the first country in Europe to break through 150,000 deaths recently, and the seventh in the world to do so.

Also it is the ailing NHS, so weakened by this government’s failure to protect it, that has organised and administered vaccinations supported by the armed forces and volunteers.The PM mocked Ian Blackford’s advice to resign “with a pinch of salt since he comes from the SNP”. Mr Blackford deserves the respect of leading a party in Westminster that has the support of far more of the vote than any other in Scotland.

Neil Anderson, Edinburgh

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