Readers' letters: Labour has no answer to Scotland's burning question

Scottish Labour leader Anas SarwarScottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar
Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar
Labour in Scotland will look to capitalise on Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation. Undoubtedly they’ve awaited this moment, but it’s a common phrase from ex-Labour voters that “I did not leave Labour, Labour left me”.

As I watch Keir Starmer roll back on every pledge he made to become leader, I do not see a party that has changed.

Keir Starmer and Wes Streeting were among the Labour MPs to receive funding from private health donors. Fact. A politician who says he’ll protect the NHS whilst dining with those who wish to strip it for parts. Nowadays, Starmer tries to sell the Brexit dream like a used car salesman flogging a rust bucket.

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It’s not simply that Keir and the Labour Party don’t understand Scotland, they don’t really care about it either. Don’t take my word for it, listen to them. Gordon Brown recently said that we shouldn’t disrupt the political structure of the UK to accommodate Scotland, as it would inconvenience England.

Those hoping for the SNP’s demise forget an inescapable truth. The movement for Scotland’s self-determination does not rest on the shoulders of an individual, but on an idea and a promise of a better future.

Scotland’s independence is the elephant in the room. Labour has no reply to the burning question. They would continue to allow a wealthy few to reap the rewards of Scotland’s vast resources as our own people queue at food banks.

We should not let our aspirations be ignored any longer. The incalculable damage of Brexit has proven that we are not adequately protected by damaging decisions taken elsewhere.

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Under Labour, such decisions will be meekly accepted. With the SNP, we’ll continue to have Scotland’s interests at the heart of our politics. We may not always agree with them, but our country is stronger for having them.

Colin Storrier, Edinburgh

History will laud Sturgeon’s efforts

I saw Ian Murray’s sepia picture of Scotland, without Nicola Sturgeon, at last falling into Labour’s policy of beggary under Brexit.

His negativity about a great Scottish leader who led us safely through some very hard times does neither him nor his party any favours and must embarrass those who once supported him.

Nicola Sturgeon leaves a Scotland with a majority of Scottish voters wanting independence and that will only get more powerful with the new broom that Scots will vote into her place. History will laud her efforts but I doubt that it will mention Mr Murray.

Elizabeth Scott, Edinburgh

Recycling is already working

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Leah Gunn Barrett says "Opposition to DRS is a load of rubbish" (Letters, February 17). It is her argument that is a lot of rubbish because all 32 councils in Scotland already have excellent glass bottle banks and also recyclable bins for plastic bottles and tins and they work well.

If this Deposit Return Scheme is forced through what will happen to the employees? Will they be declared surplus to requirements and sacked or will they be recycled into non-jobs at council taxpayers' expense?

She mentions that DRS would help the litter problem but 20p on a £6 carryout is not going to deter the litters louts, only litter wardens and eye-watering fines. Any advance on £200?

Leah Gunn Barrett says that DRS are common in Europe. Yes that may be the case but they have efficient governments, not one that has been responsible for delay after delay and financial disaster after financial disaster.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow

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