Readers' letters: Labour party needs a change of name

Ian Murray can’t resist talking down the Scottish Government (News, June 23). He really should run for a Holyrood seat next time.

Labour voted for Johnson’s deal, so Ian doesn’t mention Brexit as a key driver for UK inflation, the highest in Europe.

New trade barriers and the end of free movement of EU workers have fuelled a 6 per cent increase in UK food prices.

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Because of Brexit, the UK will be stuck with higher inflation for years and it’s why investors are bearish on the pound, which has sunk to a two-year low against the dollar.

Ian likes to pretend Labour is progressive but it’s the Scottish Government that is mitigating Westminster austerity and the spiralling cost of living.

The Scottish Govern-ment is redirecting the £400 energy rebate away from second home owners in Scotland to those who need it most. It fully mitigated the ‘bedroom tax’ and introduced the Child Payment with no limits on the number of eligible children.

Scotland has the highest proportion of people in the UK receiving the Living Wage which is paid to all NHS and public sector employees.

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All Scots receive funeral support, free prescriptions and free university tuition.

In contrast, Labour refused to oppose the cap on welfare spending. And it can’t be bothered to support real workers during the rail strike. Mick Lynch, the RMT leader, puts Keir Starmer to shame.

Will Labour remain passive when health workers and teachers strike?

Probably, since in a bid to win back power, Starmer has expelled and marginalised members who support working people.

Perhaps a name change for the “Labour” Party is in order?

Leah Gunn Barrett, Edinburgh.

Indyref2 doesn’t need royal approval

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Tim Jackson thinks Scottish independence would be an insult to the Queen (letters, June 21).

Well, well, I've heard some feeble excuses not to have independence, but this takes the biscuit.

It is completely out of line with a majority of Scots who do not support unelected monarchy.

As a democrat I feel insulted every time I see an ermine clad Queen with her jewel-encrusted crown swanning about in her horse-drawn gold carriage followed by hordes of lackeys in tights.

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I'm sorry Mr Jackson, you don't get to take the moral highground on this charade, when you should, in fact, be apologising for supporting an institution that is an archaic anachronism that harks back to feudalism while embracing religious bigotry and stands outside our judicial system.

In these modern times the monarchy demeans our democratic system and some seem to have lost all sense of their own dignity in contemplating that of their unelected monarch.

Without doubt there is an ever-increasing swing towards Scottish republicanism. In my view, fawning Scottish royalists are in denial of the growing unpopularity of their unnecessary monarchy.

Isn't it time to swear an allegiance to each other rather than a privileged obscenity that is the insult to Scottish independence?

Jack Fraser, Musseburgh.

Blackford should go

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Lack of self awareness and hypocrisy is rampant in the SNP. Yet, it is still quite startling to see Ian Blackford – who has demanded ministers and advisers resign for lack of probity – refusing even to acknowledge his actions over the teenager sexually harassed by one of his MPs.

To retain a shred of dignity and respect he and the MP involved should resign forthwith.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh.

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