Readers' letters: Labour voters move behind independence

" As Professor John Curtice pointed out Brexit has changed the dynamics of Scottish politics”

Monday, 17th May 2021, 7:00 am
Nicola Sturgeon wish Muslims in Scotland and around the world happy Eid praising 'community spirit' during coronavirus pandemic.

Labour voters move behind independence

John McLellan (News, 13 May) is wrong when he claims that the election result proves there is no majority for self-government, as all surveys show that many Labour supporters would vote for independence.

By winning 62 constituencies out of 73, the SNP has a bigger mandate to implement its manifesto than any UK government in the last 100 years.

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As Professor John Curtice pointed out on BBC Scotland’s Debate Night, Brexit has changed the dynamics of Scottish politics and the reason those opposed to a referendum are claiming there is no mandate is that they are afraid that they might lose.

Of course, most people want Scotland to co-operate with the rest of the UK, but Boris Johnson is determined to bypass our Scottish Parliament and centralise decision making in London in order implement his priorities rather than those of Scotland. That’s why Scotland needs a choice on our future and it’s better to be a good neighbour than a resentful lodger.

Fraser Grant, Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh.

Nicola’s starring role on Andrew Marr show

Like millions of viewers who watched the Andrew Marr show on the BBC last Sunday, I thought the First Minister was great.

I have always voted for the SNP, even though I have not always agreed with all their policies.

But when she mentioned the money that would be saved by not having to pay for all the lavish expenditure of the Westminster parliament such as House of Lords, etc, after independence, it made me realise Scotland will flourish, if they stick to their policies.

James E Fraser, Cockburn Street, Edinburgh.

SNP need to learn basic accountancy

When my younger daughter was about four or five, she thought she had discovered the secret to eradicating poverty world-wide.

She would watch fascinated at the bank’s ATM while my wife or I would get cash. ‘’We’ll give everyone a card for the hole-in-the-wall,’ she stated, ‘’all the poor people will get lots and lots of money.’’ I am reminded of this when I hear luminaries of the SNP explain about their new currency in a separated Scotland, pretty much using the reasoning power of a five-year-old.

My daughter learned very quickly that before you could withdraw cash from the hole in the wall, there had to be money of your own inside the bank.

What a pity so many in the SNP appear to have retained well into adulthood the reasoning power of a Primary One child.

Alexander McKay, New Cut Rigg, Edinburgh.

Don’t give SNP more devo powers to ruin

I see that, in the wake of a victory signalling five more years of SNP stagnation, there is yet another move to modify the constitution by giving Holyrood ‘more powers’.

More powers? The SNP either doesn’t use or mismanages the powers it already has. Please don’t give them more to ruin.

The big question that is being dodged is, in this shiny new ultra-devolved Scotland, why would WM continue with the Barnett formula? If just about everything is devolved, what case is there for it?

Devo max would bring the same problems for Scots - a lower living standard - as separation. And why does anyone think the SNP would compromise on this latest attempt to appease a bully? The SNP’s existential purpose is to take Scotland out of the UK. They will not compromise and it is foolish of anyone to think they will.

Jill Stephenson, Glenlockhart Valley, Edinburgh.