Readers' letters: Medieveal pomp is no substitute for clean air and water

Water pollution is a growing problem in the UKWater pollution is a growing problem in the UK
Water pollution is a growing problem in the UK
How amusing that the missives from Crawford Mackie and Alexander McKay should be neatly juxtaposed on your letters page (September 15).

Mr Mackie, of course, is exactly right when contrasting the investigations into Trump's law breaking with that of Johnson's.

The British taxpayer must foot the bill for his shenanigans no questions asked and the supine media report his QC's conclusions without question.

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Mr McKay admits that he has spent most of his life working overseas and it does indeed seem he is operating in a time warp, possibly circa 1960 with his peculiar interpretation of the BBC's over the top, fawning coverage.

And as he displays his hostility to those wanting an independent Scotland, it is no surprise that he approves of the unscripted and ignorant comments made by BBC presenters.

When straying into politics they assume Scottish people's respectful send-off for the Queen is somehow equivalent to the love for a failing state, which in its latest manifestation of Third World status is now regularly pumping faecal matter into its water supply rivers and beaches.

Thank God Scottish water remains in public ownership.

Medieval displays of pomp and ceremony are a poor substitute for clean air, clean water decent housing, education and a functional health service.

Marjorie Ellis Thompson, Edinburgh.

Austria’s clever move on energy saving

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Austria has an interesting idea to assist with the energy price cap and encourage less use of resources.

Every household receives an agreed number of energy units at a discounted rate. Above this discount limit, energy unit costs are much higher.

This encourages reduction in use which will be at the higher unit cost. Those using more power require to pay more.

In Scotland the reduced rate could be area dependent, house type or linked to council tax band.

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With everyone receiving the same discount, no additional benefits go to those in larger properties likely to be using more energy and able to afford more.

Taking action to reduce use brings a much higher benefit, making it still economic for things like insulation etc.

Alastair Murray, Edinburgh.

Forced mourning is ending at last

The interminable period of forced mourning for all has a few more days to go as commentators grasp for new superlatives and metaphors.

TV and radio stations have scoured the country for D list celebrities with a tenuous link to royalty to interview, organisations try to outmourn each other with minute’s silences, minute’s applause and gushing tributes while black ink continues to be splashed liberally over most newspapers.Among all this, anyone expressing any dissent whatsoever, no matter how benign, is arrested in a manner befitting most tin pot dictatorships.

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Only a few months ago we threw up our hands in horror at the monstrous treatment of anti-war protesters in Moscow.Dissent is a necessary condition that all civilised and democratic societies must recognise, irrespective of whether we as a country agree or disagree with it.

D Mitchell, Edinburgh.

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