Readers' letters: Mordaunt’s eulogy to Truss is badly misplaced

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announces tax and spend measures alongside embattled Prime Minister Liz TrussChancellor Jeremy Hunt announces tax and spend measures alongside embattled Prime Minister Liz Truss
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announces tax and spend measures alongside embattled Prime Minister Liz Truss
Incredibly, Penny Mordaunt reckons it took great courage for Liz Truss to sack the Chancellor that she chose and who supported her own economically illiterate policies.

They have trashed the economy, sent interest and mortgage rates soaring, failed to hold energy producers to account for ripping off their customers, and necessitated the Bank of England to spend £65 billions of our money.

And then, after all of this, cowardly "bottle" attending Parliament to answer questions, instead parachuting herself in as her new Chancellor dismantled everything our intellectually torpid PM stood for when the few Tories in her party invested on her the highest office in the land.

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Her failure to answer questions directly is abject cowardice. It beggars belief that Mordaunt could deliver her comic "eulogy" with such a straight face.

Clearly her part in this shambles should commit her political ambitions to fuel her party's political funeral pyre along with the rest of the discredited Tories.

Failing to account for her actions directly at Westminster must surely be the last throw of the dice for this ham-fisted incompetent politician posing as a PM.

And those attempting to support our pimpernel PM should be ashamed of themselves for showing such scant regard for the electorate.

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At least she did turn up for the photo opportunity in her role as a narcissist mannequin anxious to appear on the cover of Vogue.

Truss has to go. And her feeble henchmen need to go with her. We need a general election without further ado. Because as things stand, the UK is a global laughing stock that would run away with the Edinburgh Fringe comedy award. Except voters are not laughing.

Jim Taylor, Edinburgh.

More questions than answers from BBC

I looked forward to Question Time on television last Thursday, especially when it came from Musselburgh, my home town.

Always one to resist the populist trend to knock the BBC, I felt the Corporation, once again, opened itself up for criticism.

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Although presenter Fiona Bruce assured television viewers that the BBC had tried to have a fair audience balance based on political party affiliations, those opposed to Scottish independence were raucously in the ascendency.

A similar divide was also obvious on the panel. Intentionally or not, BBC Question Time courted unfairness while appearing to be out of the loop when the Scottish independence question would have been a fairer gauge of political opinion rather than irrational party political affiliation.

Jack Fraser, Musselburgh.

Sturgeon rivals Truss in fantasy economics

While we have witnessed the economic illiteracy of “Truss economics” in the recent weeks, one could have hoped for something more sensible from the First Minister of Scotland and her paper on the economics of independence.

Regretfully the answer is no, with more questions than sensible answers, as was the case in 2014.

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Ms Sturgeon is usually very quick to jump on the side of the highly respected and independent Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) when they seem to be critical of the U.K. economic policy.

The IFS have commented that it is “far from certain” that rejoining the EU would boost growth. Further they say it is “highly likely” that an independent Scotland would face bigger tax rises and/or spending cuts greater than the rest of the UK.

Her paper is simply fantasy economics.

Richard Allison, Edinburgh.

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