Readers' letters: Nicola has her boot on the other foot

"Nicola Sturgeon would have advised the UK Prime Minister to get a grip and stop all transport to Scotland”

Monday, 21st June 2021, 7:00 am
Edinburgh Sketcher

Nicola has her boot on the other foot

It is not hard to imagine what have might have happened had the England v Scotland football match been played in Glasgow.

We would have had a First Minister wringing her hands at potential English supporters daring to cross the border and travel to Scotland. Threats to close the Border, fines and robust policing would have been the order of the day.

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Scottish fans gather in Leicester Square in central London, ahead of the UEFA Euro 2020 match between England and Scotland at Wembley Stadium. Picture date: Friday June 18, 2021. PA Photo. Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

She would have advised the UK Prime Minister to get a grip and stop all trains, planes and automobiles travelling to Scotland.

Instead and having undoubtedly witnessed the scenes of Scottish football supporters ignoring rules and chanting anti-English drivel, she advises supporters to be good, observe the rules and be on their best behaviour.

Her hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Richard Allison, Braehead Loan, Edinburgh.

Transparency is not the SNP way on PHS

The Public Health Scotland agency was set up a year ago and was responsible for investigating Scotland’s Covid 19 care homes scandal.

One might have thought this would be an independent investigation. One would be wrong.

It has been reported in the press, supported by Freedom of Information requests, that PHS has an agreed “communications framework” with the Holyrood government and Cosla, which represents Scottish councils.

This calls upon PHS to rank report content in degrees of risk, with a score of four to eight for “very high/severe”, for communications to the media or the public which could cause “sustained or widespread criticism of the Scottish government” and "Ministers being pressed to make a statement to parliament.”

Items which might lead to front page headlines and public criticism of health policy are also considered high risk.

Holyrood under the SNP has evolved into a secret society ruled by a very small cabal and is far from being transparent to any degree

Contrast the challenges and exposure the Westminster government is exposed to by the media south of the border with the kid glove treatment the SNP receive in Scotland and it is clear that the whole system needs to be shaken up, with Holyrood ministers being challenged and put on the spot to a far greater degree than currently occurs. Scotland deserves better.

Donald Lewis, Gifford, East Lothian.

Help support our Childline service

Since April last year, our trained Childline counsellors have delivered more than 73,000 sessions with young people who were struggling with their mental and emotional health.

And more than 5000 of these counselling sessions were with children aged 11 or under, an increase of nearly a third compared to the year before.

However, as a charity that receives 90 per cent of our income from the public, we know this is something we have not achieved alone, and we are hugely grateful for the dedication and commitment of our supporters.

One way that the public can support us is through the People’s Postcode Lottery, and since 2018, players have provided crucial funding to the sum of almost £6 million to the NSPCC to help the charity keep children safe and well.

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, it remains vital that children and young people know where they can access help and support.

To find out more about how you could help us be there for children through fundraising, get in touch at [email protected]

Paul Cockram, Head of fundraising for NSPCC Scotland