Readers' letters: Starmer and Brown light a damp squib

Keir Starmer and Gordon Brown pronounced on their plan to dictate to and inflict on us Scots.

Is this not the ultimate political calumny to the Scotland they are intent on denying its democratic right to self-determination within the “voluntary partnership” that is the UK union?

They claim intent to abolish the House of Lords (for the umpteenth time), promulgate other measures from within the 150 pages of unbridled tosh in their highly partial report and, without a by-your-leave, inform Scots we don’t really want independence and then claim they know better and what we do want is just a better deal within the union.

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They then claim this will be satisfied by casting off more morsels from the “bountiful” Westminster table with a demeaning pat on our national heads to pacify the rebellious Scots.

Should we be surprised by now that our “colonial master” (as it treats us, although the Supreme Court does recognise us as a nation – albeit subjugated and without a clear democratic “legal” route to express its sovereignty) would act in such an arrogant manner, from a party that has lost the plot in Scotland, has successfully cast off the bulk of its electorate here and lost all relevance to represent the views and interests of working people or Scotland the country?

Here’s the challenge for this Labour Tweedle Dee and Tweedle very Dum, and their Scottish counterparts.

If these so-called reform-within-the-UK plans that “Scotland really wants” are presented in Labour’s election manifesto and Scotland rejects them wholesale - which we can expect - then will Labour in Scotland recognise that their position is a busted flush, join with politically and economically ambitious Scots to win release from the UK hegemony and actively campaign for Scotland’s freedom?

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And will Gordon Brown, Scotland’s erstwhile political “Uncle Tom”, then shuffle off to languish in the obscurity he assuredly deserves?

Jim Taylor, Edinburgh

Cunning plan to save the Union won’t work

The English Labour high command periodically wheels Gordon ‘the Vow’ Brown out to unveil his latest cunning plan to ‘save the union,’ a plan that has been reheated so many times that the only place it belongs is on the compost heap.

Sir Keir doesn’t under-stand that Gordon’s credibility with Scots is in negative territory.

Far from blocking Scotland’s exit from the UK, the English Supreme Court ruling has cleared the road by clarifying that Scotland is not an equal partner in a consensual political union, but a de facto English colony.

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The Court arrogantly ignored the 1707 Treaty of Union, Scotland’s separate legal system and constitution which is based on the people’s sovereignty, not on English parliamentary sovereignty. It tried to eviscerate the nation of Scotland, claiming the 1998 Scotland Act re-made it in England’s image. Scotland cannot be legislated out of existence by the English Supreme Court.

The UK has never been a territorial or judicial union. The British State has usurped the people’s power and exercised territorial sovereignty over Scotland when it had no legal right to do so. It has tried to replace Scotland’s ancient constitution with England’s, in flagrant breach of the Treaty conditions. It has stolen and disposed of Scotland’s territorial assets with no compensation for the Scottish people. It’s why Scots are poor and will freeze this winter, an outrage when our nation is energy rich.

The Scottish people won’t stand for London telling them they can’t decide their future. The UK has lit a fiery cross it will be powerless to control.

Leah Gunn Barrett, Edinburgh

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