Readers' letters: Tactical blunders cost SNP election victory

"The bleeping sound you are hearing is the independence coach reversing back into the garage”

SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spreads the election message
SNP leader and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon spreads the election message

Tactical blunders cost SNP election victory

The “Both votes SNP” campaign was a con from the start and everybody in the SNP knew that!

The truth is that 1,094,374 did vote SNP1 and SNP2 and you have ended up with no SNP majority, total reliance on the Green Party and 35 more Unionist MSPs than were needed.

So in effect, “both votes SNP” has resulted in the election of Conservative and Labour members of the Scottish parliament.

If, on the other hand, the SNP had told voters SNP1 and Alba2, then right now we would be sitting with 100 independence-supporting MSPs and 29 others and game over.

There is no argument about this, it is 100 per cent factual. The bleeping sound you are hearing is the independence coach reversing back into the garage.

Today the First Minister has pledged to put any attempt for a referendum off until late 2023 at the earliest, then we have a general election, then we have the court case action by Boris. By now it is 2025 and Nicola will be asking you for another mandate in 2026. By then we will need to repaint the coach.

And to really rub it in, the case for self-government now relies upon a party that would rather give us a free bicycle, close all airports, ban cars and give you a windmill in your garden. What chance have we got?


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David M Coutts, Pilton Crescent, Edinburgh.

Succession plan?

With Angus Robertson elected as MSP for Edinburgh Central, Nicola Sturgeon’s succession plans have finally come to fruition.

Remember how feverishly the SNP party machine worked to ensure SNP MP, Joanna Cherry was in effect barred from standing here?


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Though it's unlikely indyref2 will take place in the coming years, what is more probable is that were Sturgeonto lose, she will resign. So let's welcome Robertson to the role of First Minister or SNP leader whenever Sturgeon loses indyref2 or retires or is voted out of office Let's hope Robertson is a patient chap!

Martin Redfern, Melrose.

Unsafe election

Dare I say my MSP must live in a ground floor house with a nice garden! I live in a block of flats with mixed tenancy and on the eve of polling day was more than surprised to see a reminder to vote SNP attached to every door handle in my three-storey block.


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Just how out of touch with your electors can you get? What an invitation to a potential burglar to say nobody is in residence here!

All election literature should be placed through letterboxes. The next morning many reminders were still attached to door handles. As a supporter of independence, I am not impressed.

Jim Park, Springwell Place, Edinburgh.

Holyrood gravy train


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There was widespread jubilation as the Scottish elections results were declared, especially by those MSPs who retained their seats and new MSPs.

They were delighted to secure a seat on the gravy train providing huge salaries and gold-plated pensions.

Politicians in Scotland would never be able to command salaries ranging from £64,470 to £157,861 in the real world. In the year prior to the pandemic £17 million of expenses were claimed. That is an average £131,783 for each MSP.

The Scottish Parliament's revenue and capital budget increased from £94.6 million to £110.6 million.


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Devolution has been a disaster for taxpayers. Instead of an independence referendum, what about a referendum on MSP numbers and mega-expensive Holyrood?

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow.