Readers' letters: Tory democracy in action on leadership!

Interesting to see that the Tory leadership candidates who were too afraid to go head to head with their rivals are now the two who are the final contenders.

It shows what a farce the whole contest was to start with. Tory MPs had evidently already made up their minds as to the most malleable candidates before the pantomime had begun.

Whoever wins will, of course, be a mere puppet for the taxpayer funded sinister and secret European Research Group.

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So without doubt our new PM will be the utterly clueless Liz Truss. This is Tory ‘democracy’ in action.

D Mitchell, Edinburgh.

Hasta la vista – could Boris be back?

The Conservative Party members will now decide between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak as to who will be our next Prime Minister.

And although they have been chosen as the top two contenders by their fellow MPs, neither candidate shows real leadership qualities, and a good second in command does not necessarily make the transition to the top job.

As Chancellor Sunak brought the country through Covid, and Liz Truss achieved many plus points as Foreign Minister,.

But the Tory Party may regret kicking out Boris Johnson whose swansong was 'hasta la vista' but could also be 'I'll be back'.

James Macintyre, Linlithgow.

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Ukraine missing from leadership talks

What might Vladimir Putin and his advisers make of the recent ITV debate involving what are now the two Conservative leadership candidates still in the race?

The unseemly spat between former Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss might lead him to think there is no real united resolution in the UK government.

A better standard of debate might come about as the pair face up to each other on the BBC on Monday night. But serious questions about their political maturity need to be asked.

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Part of the problem is the presidential nature of these encounters. Win at all costs or at least persuade some waverers among the membership that the other person has some serious character flaws. But most people know that the contenders will need to work together in Cabinet.

With Mr Sunak's high degree of support in the parliamentary party it seems inconceivable that he should be left out if Ms Truss wins – possibly returning as Chancellor. If is victorious there will be a case for the Foreign Secretary continuing in that role.

But the tone both adopt will need to be more statesmanlike. Discussion of the war in Ukraine has not so far been a feature of the contest. Mr Putin will be sizing up the contenders and the impact it has on government in the UK.

Standing up to him requires more gravitas from the candidates than has been shown so far.

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Bob Taylor, Glenrothes.

Truss’s transition

There is hope for us yet. I have just finished viewing a video of a lively young woman addressing a LibDem conference in which she asserts, to applause, that “we believe in referenda on major constitutional issues” and to less applause, in abolishing the monarchy.

She went on some years later to vote against Brexit. With these views and formative years spent at school in Paisley, Liz Truss looks to be a candidate for support from the SNP, but unfortunately the privilege of deciding who succeeds in the Premiership is confined to a handful of members of the Conservative Party.

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I am left wondering who posted the video.

James Scott, Edinburgh.

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