Readers' letters: Truss’s record does not inspire trust

Liz Truss in particular has put the wishes of 0.03% of the electorate ahead of the rest of the UK population.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th July 2022, 7:00 am

Those Conservative members seem more interested in anti-immigration, pro-Thatcherite policies and short term tax cuts than controlling the spiralling inflation fuelling the cost of living crisis.Ms Truss’ economic policy is immoral, Rishi Sunak suggests, given it would exacerbate and prolong the cost of living crisis.

Truss claims, however, that her party has mismanaged the economy since it came to power 12 years ago. Given that she was Chief Secretary to the Treasury, why did she not call this out then?

Why does she support spending £30bn on tax cuts from a magic money tree that the Institute of Fiscal Studies claims probably does not exist and precipitate an interest rate rise, killing the housing market? In his desperation for power, the last leader to promise an electorate such unattainable giveaways was Jeremy Corbyn.

Moreover, in declaring that Boris Johnson be allowed to continue, how can Truss reconcile her “loyal” position with the vast majority of the electorate and Tory MPs?A narcissistic Truss leadership would follow the path of Johnson, misleading the nation, lurching from one crisis to another.

Despite polls suggesting Sunak is more electable among UK voters, the Tory party seems set to choose another disastrous leader. The remaining 99.97 per cent can only wait until the next general election to vote in a new PM.

Not “I agree with Rishi” but “I agree with Paddy Ashdown…” was uttered when Truss questioned the role of the monarchy in 1994.

She can only hope the monarch forgives her past if she assumes power

Neil Anderson, Edinburgh.

Spend net zero cash on climate defences

If the climate scientists are to be believed, the world will suffer extreme weather, fires, flooding and water shortages.

The estimated cost of UK net zero by 2050 is £3 trillion. There are 67 million people in the UK so net zero will cost each man, woman and child £45,000 or £108,000 per household.

Since other countries now have no intention of achieving net zero it would be better to use the £3 trillion adapting to a changing climate by building sea walls and flood defences, dredging rivers, clearing drains, new water catchment areas, desalination plants and not building homes on flood plains.

Clark Cross, Linlithgow.

Leave overseas funding aid to UK

Despite a massive black hole in its finances, cuts to basic services, and with most large public owned organisations in crisis, SNP Government announced an increase in its International Development Fund to £15m annually.

This was on top of the recent increase to the annual foreign Climate Fund to £36m.

These are two examples of the many funds where money is given away by SNP for foreign aid which is not devolved. Scotland already contributes to international aid, administered by the UK.

Stephen Kerr MSP said: “It is mind-boggling that the SNP didn’t bother to talk to the Foreign Office ahead of spending £36m of taxpayer money on international aid…” and “… Despite all their spin on the environment, the SNP have consistently failed to meet their own climate change targets.”

If individual Scots wish to be charitable and give their money away then let them. SNP should not be duplicating UK funding with money that is needed here.

Alastair Murray, Edinburgh.

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