Readers' letters: Westminster PMQs is a waste of time

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on WednesdaySNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday
SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday

Isn't it time for Scottish MPs to boycott Prime Minister's Questions? Didn't this week's pantomime precisely highlight its irrelevance?

The idea of PMQs is sound, an opportunity for MPs to ask questions directly of the Prime Minister on behalf of constituents. However, 12 years of Tory rule have rendered it redundant as a platform for incisive questioning and answering.

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Asked this week by Ian Blackford when the government was going to realise that the elephant in the room for Britain's economic woes was Brexit, and citing statistics to show the population was seriously swinging away from belief in it, Rishi Sunak replied that he supported Brexit, it was the right thing to do, it has brought back control of our borders (yes, he did say that!) and that the trade deals being negotiated around the world would return us to prosperity.

4000 instruments of EU laws designed to protect us as workers and consumers are being binned, facilitating the race to the bottom of the standards league, allowing investors to rack up higher profits by cutting standards.

Brexit has stripped our economy of the workers needed to make it work effectively - even investors must now be seeing the error that was Brexit.

Criticised for trying to out-Brexit the Tories to woo the red Tory vote, Labour leader Keir Starmer smirked at Blackford, betraying the contempt he and his front bench have for our Scottish elected representatives.

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The Speaker has never made any attempt to force Sunak to answer the questions asked of him. There is no parliamentary check that he does so - no standard of honesty and veracity to meet.

Westminster PMQs is a parody of democracy in action. What is the point in having Scottish representation there?

Jim Taylor, Edinburgh

Landlords are now social carers

Has the Scottish Government’s no eviction or rent increase policy led to landlords being drawn into areas of social care without the funding?

In one case recently a landlord needed to sell his rented property as he is finding it difficult to deal with the rising costs and rent arrears. He issued the tenant with notice to quit but the Scottish Government’s ruling means the tenant has the right to remain in the property. A tribunal finally ruled against the landlord in compliance with the SG rules.

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Why is the landlord being compelled to provide what is basically a social care service when surely that is the responsibility of the Scottish Government?

William Macgregor, Edinburgh

Gender issue is more trouble for SNP

If the SNP thought political turmoil would fade with the Supreme Court ruling they were wrong. There is another pressing matter that will not go away.

To put to one side, play down, call it bigotry or dismiss in any way the very real dangers of allowing people to chose their gender randomly is wrong.

If those drafting these proposed new laws are not aware that there are predators who would use any method available to gain access to women and girls and take advantage of them, something is badly wrong.

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Preventing the danger of even one child or woman being harmed should be enough to kill this new gender bill as it stands.

There is also the danger of self-declared women dominating female sports.

I am aware most trying to implement these changes mean well. I simply hope those experiencing the real difficulties of transition can be helped to happiness and acceptance without impinging on the rights of others to feel and be safe.

Alexander McKay, Edinburgh

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