Readers' letters: When will Tory voters finally see the light?

It is now clear that Boris Johnson broke the rules he made while everyone else was following them.

It is clear that he misled the House of Commons when he said “there was no party and no Covid rules were broken” and when he said “all guidance was followed completely within Number 10”.

It is clear that he broke the ministerial code which states that ministers, including the Prime Minister, should act with integrity, transparency and honesty.

Boris Johnson assured the House of Commons and his own party that he had done nothing wrong. He repeatedly told the country he had done nothing wrong.

But Johnson has become the first prime minister to be found to have broken the law while in office.

Boris Johnson is the principle charlatan, leading a cabinet of charlatans. And instead of getting rid of him his colleagues squirm and wriggle and obfuscate and employ sophistry to excuse what he has done. It was painful to hear the false reasoning and feeble excuses being sprayed all over the usual media outlets in an attempt to shore up Johnson.

When will people waken up and stop voting for this egregious, selfish Tory party and its controlling band of charlatans?

David Howdle, Dumfries.

Greens are in a twist over gender issues

The Greens seem to be getting their knickers in a twist over the gender recognition changes going through Parliament.

Concern has been raised that removing medical diagnosis of gender dysmorphia might be open to abuse. This has resulted in Lorna Slater suggesting anyone wishing to debate the issue is just as bad as a racist or anti-Semite.

Patrick Harvie has now suggested that senior SNP members have been promoting transphobia. Harvie also believes those requiring trans surgery should be at the top of hospital waiting lists.

Most discussion have centred on the definition of woman. Why do we need to try to redefine what a woman or man is? After thousands of years that is well established. Surely the question should be what is the definition of someone who has changed sex and how they fit into society?

Alastair Murray, Edinburgh.

Voting Labour is no help to Scotland

Ian Murray (News, April 14) would like us to believe that a Labour government would be an improvement on the current regime. But it won’t make a blind bit of difference to Scotland because when it comes to major policies, the two London-based parties are indistinguishable.

Both parties are against the renationalisation of public assets, choosing to let private corporations and their shareholders profit at the public’s expense.

Both support retaining the first past the post voting system that entrenches minority rule and effectively disenfranchises nearly 60 per cent of the electorate.

Both support Brexit, which Scotland roundly rejected, and Labour voted for Boris’ hard deal that is devastating the UK economy and Scotland’s, in particular.

And both deny Scotland’s right to determine its own future, effectively making it a prisoner in an unequal union presided over by a corrupt political establishment. If Labour is so distraught over Tory lawlessness, where was it when they illegally prorogued Parliament, awarded over £52bn in Covid contracts to cronies and broke its manifesto promise over NI and pensions?

Why isn’t Starmer calling for a no-confidence vote and forming electoral alliances with other parties to rid the UK of this scourge of a government?

Leah Gunn Barrett. Edinburgh.

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