Redeveloping the site of Edinburgh's former Sick Kids hospital into student accommodation and private homes- your views online

"My daughter has bought a flat in Glasgow because she's been priced out of Edinburgh.”

Monday, 21st June 2021, 7:00 am
New public space outside the redeveloped main buiding

Sick Kids

Work has begun on redeveloping site of Edinburgh s former Sick Kids hospital into student accommodation and private homes

Pauline Balloch

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How many more student flats does Edinburgh need? I am really beginning to hate this city. It doesn't give a hoot about ordinary people. Everything it does is aimed at making money not improving things for people who have lived here all their lives.

Helenn McWhirterr

Been to Sick Kids many times with my little people over the years, sad to see the end of an era but we must move on - hopefully just as good a service at their new abode at RIE.

Karen Mason

Why students? These would be fantastic flats for people to buy! The students aren’t coming, they are not allowed on campus, it’s all blended learning! I’m losing hope for my beautiful city.

Michelle Allan

Where will the £20 million go? It was worth more than that.

Melissa Missy E Dugdale

Money grabbers – what the hell are you doing to Edinburgh and for folks living in temporary accommodation? Give them a permanent home. Edinburgh Council could be helping their people by not doing any more student accommodation. Help your people and stop destroying buildings. Do them up and make them into houses and flats and a nice gardens for children to play in and help the ones in crisis. There are hardly any council houses and many have been on a waiting list for many years.

James Thomson

Meanwhile, I'm stuck here in a council house without heating or hot water washing myself from the sink because my shower doesn’t drain and my daughter thinks I hate her because I won’t let her come up or stay with me.

Gail Jenkins

More? My daughter has bought a flat in Glasgow because she's been priced out of Edinburgh.

Ian Strang

More student flats? We are struggling with housing as it is. They should be building affordable housing.

Marnie Smith

Should it not be 323 affordable homes and 31 student flats! there’s more than enough student accommodation as it is.

Kevin Duff

Profit before people and wellbeing. Unfortunately this city is starting to sink even further than we could ever imagine.

Tam Tam The Piping Bam

For once a suitable site for student accommodation - a former institutional building in an established UoE satellite neighbourhood. For goodness sake take this opportunity to give Leith, Gorgie or some other community back one of their sites for affordable/social housing.

William Barker

At least the building will be used. I guess student accommodation can also be used as holiday accommodation during the festival, when students often go back to their families. With the Spaces for People it would appear that Edinburgh is trying to be a student city. Attract the young and tourist market.

Robert Muir

There must surely be more student flats than students now.

Ashley Jane Hewitt

Great, that's all we need, more student accommodation. How about building half decent social housing for people on low income instead of shoving us in poly little flats with noisy, disrespectful neighbours and having to live in buildings with junkies, alkies etc.

Paul Krol

Not one affordable home built in city centre.

David Peden

The world does not need more students, We need more trades people, not pen pushers.

Alex Murphy Vickers

Are we not at the point where there is now more student houses than student places at all schools, colleges and universities combined in Edinburgh? Every square inch is being turned into student housing.

Patrizia Zambrin

Meanwhile the primary school next door is struggling for space and has had to accommodate some children in portable cabins for years.

Anne-Marie Bain

Who would want to buy a family home among accommodation for students?

Marion Woodward

Sold for £20 million seems cheap. Considering the profit the developers will make, it’s a steal! Sad to know it’s more student accommodation. Fond memories of training/working there in the 70s.

Anne Reid

Does anyone actually listen to what the public want? Clearly not more student flats, but we are getting them anyway! Edinburgh is quickly losing a sense of community and nice neighbourhoods.