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'Savage' ScotRail cuts will leave the Capital cut off from Fife and Glasgow from as early as 8pm

By The Newsroom
Friday, 20th May 2022, 7:00 am

Christine Heeps

No trains home, taking the car is out of the question. Welcome to the final destruction of Scotland. Soon we'll be lucky if we're allowed to travel within a 10 mile radius after 6pm.

Scott Dixon

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Stronger for Scotland! The Nationalists couldn't run a whelk stall, let alone a country. Everything they touch is a disaster.

Renée La Racineuse

Meanwhile, Edinburgh council want to charge motorists for coming into the city, to encourage the use of public transport. But what if there isn’t any? Real joined up thinking at all levels of government.

Jackie Hamilton

Good bus service between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Ian McWilliam

Snatrail in trouble and they’ve only just been taken over.

Kenneth Harvey

Remember the SNP also want to charge non-resident car drivers to enter Edinburgh, so reducing train use is all part of the master plan l presume?

Jackie Marr

So you cannot work late in Edinburgh unless you want to spend ages on buses to Glasgow or Fife or better still use a bike! So much for trying to get cars off the road. It beggars belief.

Steven Robertson

Guess we had better keep our cars then, either that or not want to stay out late. Bit of a mess.

Callum MacPherson

Are the SNP some kind of inside job sent to ruin our country and our cities? They're meant to get the economy going but the council tries to ban cars and the government cuts rail services. In education, economy, infrastructure and even democracy itself, the SNP continues to drag our country backwards.

Seán F. Óg

Miles Briggs has a cheek. It’s his party who are sitting back watching inflation rocket while refusing to support the most vulnerable or sanctioning a windfall tax on big corporations - just one reason why the rail union is rightly holding out for a bigger offer. The ScotGov can only do so much without additional monies from our ‘masters’ in Westminster.

Angela Astor

Car emission taxes, very expensive parking, limited trains to and from city, buses take longer travel time, some areas have one bus service into villages. All this commuting to and from the capital of Scotland – is this not embarrassing, never mind the effect on the rest of the country. How are shift workers expected to cope – many workers do 12.5hr shifts in the NHS, hospitality,even public transport employees. Tourists will struggle at times too.

Rachel Edwards

“Including the Edinburgh-Fife/Dundee train, which will see a last service at 8pm and the last Edinburgh-Glasgow service will be 10.15pm'”. So anyone on shift work is scuppered... well done.

Marc Donlevy

Travel curfews! Back to your district prisoners!

Jamie Solley

Typical attitude that people work 9-5 and anyone outside these hours can go hang! Last trains at 22:15, absolutely outrageous!

Anne Galloway

Try living in the far north; now only two trains per day each way from Inverness to Thurso. Last one leaving Inverness at 2pm.

Jack Brock

There’s been a driver shortage for years. Glad that it's been taken over and hopefully get advertising for drivers and good pay. Thing is, are there any train divers?

Anjie Frost

Ha! You wanna try living in the Borders. Cut off from 10 past 8, the last bus back to Peebles. For hospitality workers who work in Edinburgh or on the rout, what goods that of you want to see a film? Or a gig or just want a night out? Even the bisses during the day are dodgy with constant cancellations due to illnesses. Its like financial roulette coming through to town, am i going to get to use this retirn ticket or am i shelling out 50 quid for a taxi?!

Declan McGuinness

The SNP takeover of Scot-Rail is going to plan then!

Victoria McIntosh

The Abellio franchise was better than this, and they had problems.

Joe Clifford

Completely unacceptable. We're meant to be encouraging people on to public transport, not into their cars.

Banksy Banks

Get those driverless buses up and running ower the bridge and get on yer bikes tae Glesga.

Jim Thomson

Stagecoach buses to Fife and Glasgow will hike their prices right up if that happens.