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Edinburgh set for bin strike at height of Festival after refuse workers reject a 2 per cent pay offer

By The Newsroom
Friday, 29th July 2022, 7:00 am

Karen Brown

The bins in Princes Street Gardens were smelling so badly on Monday (rainy, cooler day) you’d not want to go near them to put rubbish in. The smell was so bad you couldn’t sit on any benches near the bins. Tourists and locals alike must be really impressed with Edinburgh’s general cleanliness!

Mo Connolly

Will anyone notice the difference? I’ve particularly noticed the bins beside bus stops recently, some are full to the brim, not sure how often they’re emptied.

Norrie Gray

Thought they where on strike already! It’s not just the bins that are overflowing; I was up town last week, some streets had litter everywhere.Tourists must wonder what a dirty city we live in. There would be an outcry if this was down Morningside way.

Mark Fairbairn

Well it'll just be a case of get the festival pratts to pay the bill or expect the locals who will suffer more to withhold council tax payments. The council already get paid plenty for services that have disappeared with Covid. Edinburgh Council really are pushing the natives to the brink with all the “like it or lump it but pay up attitude. They treat the natives like absolute dafties.

William Kay

Oh, that will look a bonny sight. Then again, outside of Edinburgh is also suffering delays and shortage of staff.

Brian Bell

Two per cent when inflation is running at nearly 10%. Is it any wonder that they are going on strike!

Sandy Coutts

Two per cent is not a rise in real terms.

Airport baggage

Menzies Aviation has offered a “whole-hearted apology” to passengers for the baggage chaos at Edinburgh Airport, which it admitted had been "off the scale"

Martin Veart

I had relatives who recently went on holiday from Edinburgh and without hold luggage for the entire trip. They are still looking for items in the emergency setup at the Highland Showgrounds. This isn’t a misfortune, miscommunication or any other nice phrase. It’s a breakdown of service, a complete FUBAR. Corporate heads should roll at Edinburgh Airport.

Sarah Collings

Where’s Swissports apology? I think their “scales” were much more off and the problem has been going on much longer and more severely with them. At least Menzies are doing something to try to resolve the issue by recruiting! Truth is staff shortages - after so many losing jobs when the aviation sector came almost to a halt during Covid - with the service providers means they don’t have baggage handlers and those folks have got other jobs in other sectors.

Jackie Hodkinson

Excuses, excuses, Edinburgh Airport should be taken to court over this utter incompetance - EDI has been a 'hub' airport for decades, so blaming LHR is unacceptable. The high earning bosses at EDI don’t give a hoot about people losing their belongings, missing important family occasions due to delays and cancellations.

Maureen Ritchie

l guess l must have been lucky. l travelled out of Edinburgh on 2 July and returned on 24 July and never experienced any delays at check-in or security. On my return l had my suitcase and was out approx 30 mins after landing.

Davie Lawrie

Pay a decent wage, employ more staff, problem solved!

Ross Hunter

What has been “off the scale” is an inordinate amount of baggage (it’s holiday time) or the “chaos”.

Carpet ride

Part of the A1 in Edinburgh blocked with a large piece of carpet

Laird Uwe Kubier

Magic carpet emergency landing?

Steven Hunter

When the police find the culprits they should underlay down the law.

John Davis

Hasn't anyone told Aladdin he can't park there!

Stuart Malcolm

Well, someone's going to get hauled over the carpet for this.

Callum An Derson

I tried to report it, they told me to beat it!

Paul Smith

Could have caused a pile up, thankfully it was hoovered up quickly.

John Hewit

We avoided a ladder in the fast lane of the M90 once. Police took steps to remove it.